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Do my baby’s teeth look ok?

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Hi. My LG has just cut her bottom front teeth in the last few days. They appear to be coming through at an angle like this ↗️↖️ Is this normal? Xx

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Hello Hun, this is perfectly normal. As the other teeth push through they will all space out. Hope you are keeping well xx

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All things considered, and that’s a lot of stress right now, yes we’re ok thank you. I hope you’re keeping well and safe xx

They look good to me! ☺️

They look gorgeous xx

The good thing about milk teeth is it doesn’t matter if they wonk because they’ll fall out eventually anyway and be replaced with adult teeth and worst case scenario they just need braces as a teen xx

Aw 🥰 very cute! They look grand x

Two at once, no wonder she was cranky!! Is she better now they're through?

Millie has a Madonna style gap between her teeth, but as someone said above, they're only milk teeth. I wore braces for years, so hope she inherits her Daddy's naturally perfect teeth!!

She’s still really cranky! For a few days now it’s like someone replaced my sweet smiley little angel with a moody little gremlin! I swear it’s like she just turned 2!! 😫😅 xx

Llewy was so naggy when his first few teeth came in, he's been the same the last week and so dribbley too so I think there must be more on their way 😩

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I’ve discovered only this morning that she has at least one top one cutting through too.. probably why she’s still so cranky lol xx

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Aw poor girl, they don't get much of a break from the teething do they? ❤️

Oh bless her, Amieras teeth came through exactly same just after she turned one she's got perfectly normal teeth now. I panicked but the dentist reassured us!! Xx

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