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Boots pregnancy test

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Hi ladies . Just a ball of nerves . Has anyone used boots pregnancy tests ? I just said I’d give it a shot x I have given clear blue a fortune on digitals in the last few months ! I got this today . CD31 , 3 days late . Have had 2 m/c this year ( early ones ) ... what do you think !

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I see a faint line, have you got one that you can do with your first wee of the day to see if you get a stronger result?

I have another one for the morning 🤞🏻🤞🏻

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Can definitely see a faint line! Congratulations ❤️

I used a boots test and got a very faint line like in your picture.

I thought it was negative though at first and then used a first response just to double check- that came back strong positive, I then looked back at boots test and could see it had a second faint line.

I did another boots one couple of days later (as had a pack of two) and the line was much stronger then.

I am now 7 months pregnant. X

Got a clear blue digital this morn ! 1-2 weeks pregnant. Delighted xx

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Hey u no if it says 1-2 weeks add two weeks on that’s what hosp do go from last period xx

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Thank you

I just used boots tests, the first one was negative but then I waited a week as still had no period and it was positive. Think boots just need a little patience and then they will confirm or deny! But clear blue (I guess given their price) will be more accurate early on. I am now 39 weeks, due next week! Congratulations on your positive result!

I think I used the same test (a cheap 2 pack, right?) and had one faint line and one strong. I thought I was pregnant but was still confused because of how faint it was and because my Control line was stronger than the Test line which I didn't understand. Ended up buying a digital test (one of the less advanced ones under GBP 10) which made things clearer. So yeah, I would say the the test is accurate but harder to read.

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