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Stretch and sweep to start labour

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I’m due to have a stretch and sweep on Sunday. Bit nervous about this - anyone had it? Is it painful? And did it work? Thanks!

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I’m having one tomorrow - from what I hear it is a slight discomfort, possible cramping and mucus plug but shouldn’t be anything to worry about. Also hoping it works! 🤞

Thanks for your reply. Good luck! 🤞

Thank you - it was definitely more uncomfortable than anything!

I had one. It was uncomfortable but not painful, but it is over and done with pretty quickly. I went into labour later that evening and baby was here the next morning. I know that others from my NCT group had them and didn’t go into labour though.

Good luck, exciting times ahead x

I had it with my first and unfortunately did not help :(

I had one with my first baby. Its a bit uncomfortable but not really painful. In my case it did help and my waters broke later that evening followed by labour starting. Good luck!

Hi i had one with first definitely isnt comfortable but not too bad dont grt worked up as that wont help try and stay relaxed!but i think it started things off for me i had sweep late weds..i was up all night with random pains/contractions...but was booked for induction next day anyway i then went into labour quite quickly and had baby will be fine x


I had 3 sweeps with my first baby. It wasn’t painful but it didn’t help either. Had them at 40 weeks and 41 but had to be induced at 42 weeks. Lost mucus plug and had some mild cramping but then I had cramping on and off for 5 weeks. It’s worth doing it as it might work for you. Good luck x

I opted for one 48 hours before my induction due to GD. It wasn’t painful. My contractions started In the early hours on the day I was due to be induced so I managed to avoid an induction. Good luck x

It's a very hit and miss procedure, it didn't work with my first, andbit wasn't very successful with number2 either, but I went into labour the following day with number 3.

It's uncomfortable but not too bad, my last midwife had me count down from 20 and I was to tell her to stop if it got too uncomfortable.

Don't be too disheartened if your midwife struggles to do one, it may be that your cervix isnt in the best position or hasnt started to soften etc, but don't worry, it's no indication how how far away labour might be because things can literally change over night x

Failed with my first but think it helped with my second I had a student do one and then the midwife checked so I think they both started it not painful little uncomfy that’s all xx

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