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Early scan and no heartbeat

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According to the estimation I should be 10 weeks 1 day, today we have been for a early scan privately and while they can see a yolk sac they have said it is measuring at 6-7 weeks and no heartbeat. I’ve done all my dates through predicted due date calculators. I have now been referred to NHS for a scan in a week.

I have had no bleeding and never had many symptoms but those I did have are still present.

Has anyone experienced this? I’m devastated and do not know how I am going to wait a week for a scan if they can fit me in.

Many thanks

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Hi I'm so sorry you've had this happen, it's really sad and my heart aches for you. My first pregnancy was a missed miscarriage too, when I went for my 12 week scan they found that I hadn't gone past about 7/8 weeks.

It's awful when you're body doesn't realise what has happened. I had my scan with the NHS and they offered me a few options, to let nature take its course, to take medication or to have a small surgical procedure. I opted for the surgical procedure as I wanted a definite end date, I felt like as my body had let me down I didn't want to wait until it caught up with what had happened. It was a horrid time and I was very sad. I was also a bit angry and so I did everything I couldn't do when I was pregnant, on the way home from the doctors I got wine, cheese, parma ham, pate everything I'd been avoiding! It's so sad and I send you lots of love xx

I'm so sorry. Really sorry. I'm. Just recovering from the same situation in April. I decided to wait for things to go naturally. Took my body almost 4 weeks to realise what is happening. The advantage of the natural solution in my opinion was that my body came back straight to normal hormon wise and had no problems at all. Apart from living for 4 weeks with the knowledge that even though I feel pregnant, I am not.

You need to decided what's best for you.

I was refered by my gp. She called them when I was in the office and I got the appointment the Next day.

Big hugs x

Hi yes I’ve had 3 mmc at 12/13w your body hasn’t fully recognised that your pregnancy is not viable and carries on, eventually your hcg starts dropping and you will miscarry unfortunately. I’m sorry it’s the most awful thing sending hugs x

We’re in a similar situation and rescan tomorrow. We had a private scan at 7 weeks (actually now looking back maybe I was slightly less at 6+5) and we had the shock of our life. Sac there but nothing in it. Private scan was awful. They were asking questions like ‘have you done a test recently? We can’t confirm the pregnancy’. We did a clear blue that showed progression from 1-2 weeks to 3+. NHS scan two days later showed a yolk sac. They seemed to think things were fine. Measuring at 5 weeks so two weeks behind. You’re earlier than you thought. Rescan tomorrow but I’m panicking that something isn’t right but I’m obviously praying everything is fine especially as I’ve had the worst diarrhoea for 6 days now and panicking it’ll be impacting on the growth. It’s awful waiting. I hope that you are earlier than you thought and the next scan will be ok for you 🙏 x

Hey, I just had the same thing in June!

They did a reassurance scan at 12 weeks as there was no heartbeat on my dating scan!

My body didn’t recognise the miscarriage so I took the medical route and induced it myself.

You are in my prayers, it’s not a nice feeling xx

This happened to us. I thought I was about 8 weeks and when I went they told me I was measuring about 5 weeks no heart beat etc and they were rude and made me feel rubbish! Kept saying my dates must have been wrong Or I might have a miscarriage i waited for my 12 week scan (longest wait ever) and when I went to the scan thinking I was 11 and 5 days she said I was 13 and 2 days and had a very healthy baby who is now four weeks old. So god knows what happened with my dates but it wasn’t bad news for me. Good luck xxx

I have an appointment with EPU Thursday. Fingers crossed xx

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🙏 ♥️ Xxx

Fingers crossed for you xx

I had my rescan and still no fetal pole. Scanning woman was very negative that this ‘isn’t your time’. Went around to EPAU for my results who didn’t really say anything negative. Said the sac has progressed to 6weeks4 (I’m running 2 weeks behind on all scans) but as there is no pole. Rescan in a week so the painful waiting is dragged out for even longer. Having read online they can’t confirm failed pregnancy until the sac is over 25mm and there is no pole. I was reassured by the images as the sac was a lot bigger and lot more ‘within’ the sac. Praying it’s normal but not feeling positive and not sure how I can get through the week. X

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It’s the waiting. My boss has told me to stay home, she said you won’t be able to concentrate.

It’s like time has gone backwards since I had the scan on Wednesday. Thursday feels a lifetime away. Let’s hope it goes quickly for us. Xx

I’ll be thinking of you on Thursday ♥️ Xxx

I hope you have good news at your scan! 💕

How are you feeling? I’m so up and down. My fiancée is going back to London today for work during the week and every time I feel positive I keep thinking of what the scanning woman said. I feel pregnant and glad of the nausea but just wish Friday would come. I’ve been tempted to have a private scan on Tuesday but my friends are saying just wait xx

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I am an anxious mess. Days are going slow. But I’m trying my hardest to just do stuff around the house and keep busy.

My partner Tried to give me a positive boost but I can’t get my dates 3-4 weeks wrong.

As much as it was a nice thought going for a private scan, the experience has put me off completely. Xxx

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Nicki1664 in reply to Ifan

I do have to agree that the private scan was an awful experience. They questioned if I was pregnant at all and I was going along joking saying it’ll be twins! Every time I go to the toilet I’m waiting to see blood. Just awful. Wish we didn’t have to go through this and I’m really hoping you have a positive experience Thursday 🙏 It seems 50/50 from the mixture of stories I’ve read online. I can’t help but read. Guidelines look like when the sac reaches 25mm they should have a definite answer either way. I’m dreading what may be to come. But do have waves of it’s going to be ok then I doubt it. Xxx

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Yes going to the toilet I am in fear of blood.

My appetite has come back today and I’ve cooked a Sunday lunch for my partner and me. This is a first for a few weeks as I had no appetite. I don’t know if I should be happy or sad that my symptoms are now going. Xx

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