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Can I get pregnant after my depo?


So I had a baby 7 months ago, I've never had any problems with my periods at all all my life always normal and come on time . And I had the depo for years but have been off it for 2 and half years before I met my fianc'e.

I had the depo injection once since 2 years this year after my baby 21st February 2020 was due 15 may 2020 in that time I started from the 11 or 12 th may having brown discharge and then a little blood for 3 days I'm guessing my injection was wearing off. I've since then had sex quite alot and on the 28 may and in that week and before that week I have sex reguarly 3 times a week which apparently I was ovulating. Now

My period according to the dates was due 13 or 15 June and it hasent come I have took tests and it says negative .. me and my partner didnt take long to get pregnant before 3 or 4 weeks we had alot of sex and trying . But happened so quick really quick.

Me and my partner want another baby have been having unprotected sex since we met .

I do feel weird hate insonima and hot flushes and felt sick today and have that knot feeling in my tummy .

My period is still not here 4 or 5 days late I have been hormonal ,tired , boobs hurt , bloating of the stomach , back pain and period pains but nothing...

Can i have some tips please ! X

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If you're depo is overdue then you could get pregnant, but it can take a while after you stop the depo for your cycle to go back to normal. I never had a period when I had it and it took me about 6 months for my cycle to be regular after I stopped having the jabs. It might just take a while to get pregnant especially if your baby is only 7 months old, I'm still breastfeeding my 10 month old and my v period hasn't started again so maybe if you're still breastfeeding too your periods might not be regular yet.

Passionchar1 in reply to Seb9

Yeah my Depo was due the 15 may 2020 I didnt have it they last 3 months then they wear off which is 12 weeks x

I've had a period when it started wearing off ..

I've had all the signs of coming on plus I always feel myself ovulate which is weird but always have it's like twinge dropping sensation in my side .

And my discharge changed so I know I have ovulated..

Maybe it's too early to show on the test ?🤔

Agreed with seb9 after a depot (even 1) it can take a while for fertility to come back to normal and periods could be messy and not actual ovulation ones. Did you use strips to tell you're ovulating?

Breastfeeding can also definitely affect fertility. It's not something you can rely on tbh ... But I never got a period whilst feeding my little ones (even just night feeds) for 14&18months.

I've had a period thou when the depo started wearing off .

I dont breast feed

I've only had one shot in the last 3 years

I got pregnant so quickly before like 3 to 4 weeks .

Not sure why you are bullet pointing? Seems like you're almost justifying yourself.

Doesn't matter if its one shot. It can still affect things. And a bleed doesn't mean ovulation. You get a bleed when hormones wearing off, not necessarily meaning you're ovulating . Also if you had the shot in Feb. That would last 3 months ... You might get pregnant straight away, you might not, even if this is what happened before. You're just going to have to patient and wait basically.

I didnt mean to bullet point it mh phone.


Rhamo yih for your help x

Thank you for your help #

I’ve got one friend who fell pregnant roughly the day her depo was due for renewal after being on it for years and another who took 1.5 years to fall pregnant after only having the depo twice, it’s really hard to say with the depo as it varies from woman to woman and there’s not a lot the GP can do, but generally they say to give it a few month to get the drug out of your system, when I had it my GP said to give my periods 6 months to return to normal and I had one injection and it did take about 2/3 months, your first bleed also won’t be a period, it will be a withdrawal bleed, so only count your periods from your next bleed, to aid TTC, start cutting down on caffeine with you and your partner, if either of you smoke stop that, same with drinking, start eating healthily and try taking a prenatal vitamin daily to start getting folic acid to build up as that takes a while, other than that good luck xx

Thanks x

So my period is here °°° atleast something happened x

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