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So confused.


So today should be the first day of my period... (not come) I've taken a clear blue test and it has a ridiculously faint line. Barely visable on the picture... I'm driving myself mad... I disconnected it to even check I wasn't stressing myself out.

Surely I would have had an obvious definitive positive by now!?

So confused and stressed... just want to know why I'm feeling so rotten. Maybe pregnancy isnt it...

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Sucks but only way to really know is with blood test.. home pregnancy test dont show up till your hcg levels are 50. Probably need another week or two

Clearblue can be terrible for evap lines I found. They don’t seem to show obviously until you’ve possibly had a positive on another test in my personal experience. A digital may give you some clarification as you see it in words. If your period hasn’t arrived in a couple of days maybe try that?

Depending on when you conceived it might take a while till your HCG levels are high enough. I think that's why they say to wait till you've missed your period till you test unless you get the early response tests.

With all that's going on in the world could you be feeling out of sorts due to stress or something else not pregnancy related? I've felt so rundown during lock down physically and mentally.

Blue dye are ridiculous for evaporation lines. I would get some early detection tests from amazon, they’re cheap (c. £5 for 15) and I got a strong positive at 3+4 with my son, so 3 days before my period was due. It’s also best to test with the first urine of the day as that’s when the hormone concentration is strongest as you haven’t emptied your bladder overnight

Just try again tomorrow or day after I only got a faint on period due day but next was dark.

Even like 5 days after my period was due my lines still where very faint, had to take a digital one to give me a clear answer, I would wait and do another one tomorrow morning x

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