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My 7 month old baby won't eat solids

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I've been trying to start my baby daughter on solids since she was 6 months old but she won't eat. She's 7 months old now and all she's had is a tiny bit of broccoli and a tiny bit of banana so she's still EBF. I started offering her vegetables cut for blw and the first day she grabbed a piece of broccoli and put it in her mouth (and spat back out most of it) and I was very happy with that. After that though she's not even touched the food I've put in front of her except one day that she did the same with a piece of banana. I've tried with pureed vegetables mixed with expressed milk so it smells familiar but she doesn't even give it a chance, she turns her head and closes her mouth shut even before I get close enough to her mouth. I wonder if it has to do with the fact that the only things we've put in her mouth before were medicines that she needed so she's just assuming it's something like that? Or is she not ready yet? She sits unaided and seems interested in food when we eat but when the food is in her high chair she won't even touch it or look at it.

I feel I'm not doing this right and I'm a bit worried that it's taking so long. Has this happened to any of you? Do you have any advice?

I wanted to start with vegetables (as finger food or pureed I don't care, whichever she prefers) since I read you should do that but I wonder if I should offer her one of those fruit pouches instead...? She does like to drink water from a cup (with help) so maybe something more liquidy would help.

I don't know what to do. Ah, we gave her a few breaks in between attempts for a few days each.

Thanks x

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I wouldn’t stress too much about it. The saying goes “food is for fun until one”. Just keep offering it and let her explore everything and she’ll then eventually taste it. I hated weaning and it’s a long process but she’ll eventually do it. They don’t eat much at all at that age either. I found the Ella’s Kitchen first foods book really helpful with ideas. If you have any problems you could always phone your HV for advice.

Honestly I look back now and wish I hadn’t stressed so much xx

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Thanks a lot for your reply. I talk to a hv a week ago or so and all she said was to persevere. Tbh I don't usually find their advice very helpful, it tends to be so general...

I read the book you mentioned and I did find it very useful.

Do you think mixing playing with eating is a good idea or can it be counterproductive? I tried putting some food on the tray along with a teether or colourful cups so she can play hoping that way she connects food with something fun rather with just being sitting there whilst we stare at her hoping she'll eat... but I'm not sure whether that's a good idea or a distraction.

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I’m not sure to be honest. Have you tried spaghetti bol? That might be a good one for her to play with and try and eat at the same time xx

My little girl was like this too. Took ages to get started and we still have good days and bad days at nine months. I think it took her ages to get used to the feel of food in her mouth and she didn't like it at first.

We've got into the routine of finger food at lunch time and porridge at night and she's doing much better now. The first things she really seemed enthusiastic about eating were mashed steamed apple and also spinach pancakes. And she really loves apple and cinnamon porridge. It's been really disheartening at times but it has improved loads xxx

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Thanks a lot. Those sounds pretty yummy actually. I'll try to offer her something more interesting than plain steamed vegetables and see what happens. Fingers crossed xx

If your LO is only 7 months this really is not something to be stressing about, try pureed foods first fruit/veg,at this age its just to get them used to tastes/textures their main nutrients should be from milk until age of one. Dont force feeding things onto them you will just put them off. To be honest your LO may not be ready so just give them a chance and dont worry.

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Thanks, I feel a bit more calm seeing that a few of you think it's not concerning that she hasn't had solids yet. Do you think I should try every day (without pressuring her) or should I be leaving it for a few days every time she doesn't eat?

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You dont have to try her every day as long as shes having milk she is getting her nutrients, food at this age is just new and its just to get them used to it, the thing is i think there is so much pressure to do what other parents are doing that we worry our babies arent at the right stage, do not worry as im sure you are doing great. My LO is 3 in October i have days now where she wants something then doesn't want it the next she goes on and off food like a yo-yo...but i know if shes hungry she will eat and she drinks plenty of water and milk so i dont worry. Sometimes we dont fancy a big meal or whats put in front of us its the same for kids, but dont be stressing when your LO is only 7 months as everything changes with time xxx

Our son was picking with finger food. Around that age we just gave him more pureed food. We would puree a sunday dinner n things like that. He loved weetabix or porridge mixed with diabetic jam (as it obviously isnt full of sugar).

Just trying with different foods and textures hun. Dont worry too much about baby not eating properly yet. You're doing an amazing job 😊 x

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Aww thanks a lot xx I'm going to try with porridge and expressed milk.

Your baby still have plenty of time to start eating solids so nothing to worry about. You are doing a great job!

The only thing im wondering about is the timings? How long after breastfeeding do you offer solids?

Thanks for your kind words xx I usually leave around an hour between a feed and food or a bit more if I can. At this point I've tried different timings, usually no more than 2 hours but I did try close to 3 hours one day just in case and i always get the same result, no interest. She bf every 3 hours or so.

One of the reasons I'm worried is bc she's on the small side (between the 25th and 9th centiles).

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