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Whooping cough side effects

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Hi everyone, I had a whooping cough vaccine done yesterday at my GP. Despite COVID-19 it felt extremely safe as my GP is 5 min walking and they don’t let anyone in. The nurse maintained 2 meters distance and the shot was just 1 second when she got close to me.

However, I am experiencing such horrible side effects. I feel extremely tired and have a very bad headache all day. I barely could do any work today. My legs muscle are all in pain and I have a feeling of constantly need to stretch them. I am in a bed or couch all day. I even got some low back pain today.

Can someone advise if you experienced any of that? The nurse told me I might get a fever and need to take a paracetamol. I don’t have the fever but I am just feeling unwell. I can still do work calls and watch TV and etc, but still not a normal feeling. I even had some stomach pain today, which made me worry. I think my stomach and lower abdomens are fine for now.

Any experience you share, positive or negative with this vaccine would be appreciated. I’m extremely pro any vaccines, but these side effect are really worrying me.

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Hi, if it's any consolation I felt rotten when I had the whooping cough vaccine for a couple of days. I had the flu jab and absolutely no issues but with the whooping cough one I had flu like symptoms, feeling shivery etc. I would say that's what it is, fingers crossed you will be ok in a day or 2 x

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olira2203 in reply to KayCan

Thank you, I have exactly the same no issues with a flu jab.

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KayCan in reply to olira2203

It's hard not to worry about everything at the moment


I had the whooping cough vaccine last week and felt unwell the next day or two I had headache and feeling tired, the injection site was achy. I also had back ache and acid indigestion but they were maybe just other pregnancy symptoms! I took paracetamol and feel better now. I was worried too as the leaflet didn't say about side effects apart from aching where the injection went in. I hope you feel better soon.

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olira2203 in reply to Samcz

Thank you for letting me know. I didn’t even receive a leaflet. I feel better now on day 2 but not 100%

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Samcz in reply to olira2203

The midwife gave me the leaflet when she gave me my maternity notes and several leaflets at the first appointment. Glad you're feeling better x

I felt very sick when so had the vaccine. I was convinced I was going to throw up or pass out. Felt fine after a couple of days though

That’s great to hear you are well now. Thank you for the response!

I felt like this too, lasted about 5 days and my arm was so sore from the injection! I think I ended up catching some sort of virus in the end, but fully recovered now.

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I’m glad you are well! Yes I’m feeling much better now, but couldn’t sleep all night.

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