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Pelvic pain in pregnancy

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Only very recently found out I'm pregnant ( 5 weeks ish) and the last few days I've had a crippling pain in my pelvic bone that feels like I've been punched. I've got a retroverted uterus and suspected endometriosis and have had this pain briefly on and off in the past but never this bad and for this long. It feels more like a bone pain than a womb cramp and the internet isn't being very helpful and my doctors is closed! The mons pubis is also kinda swollen and looks larger than it did before. Doesn't feel worthwhile calling 111 for but the pain stopped me sleeping at all last night and hurts constantly apart from when I stand up. Any ideas would be v much appreciated as it's driving me crazy!

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The only thing I could suggest is to ring your midwife centre, and see what they say... hope the pain goes away soon

Thank you, I'm not yet registered with a midwife and my doctors told me I wouldn't be until my first scan at 12 weeks. I was debating ringing 111 and seeing if they could put me through to someone who might be able to help x

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Depends on the practice, some places you can register directly with the maternity unit? That's what I did

Could you have hit yourself against the angle of a table not knowing it? I know it sounds stupid a suggestion but sometimes it happens and we forget. I woudl call my GP, mention that I am pregnant, but it is not necesarily linked to teh pregnancy as 5 weeks is really early. I am in no way knowledgeable - just sharing my thoughts, as you must feel quite alone right now. If standing helps I'd try to do that and walk / move gently more and see how that goes. Best.

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Thank you, I ended up calling my doctors til I got through who gave me antibiotics and said it's most likely a uti, which I cant believe I didnt think of!

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