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Maternity leave with twins

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I’m just wondering when would be a good time to start mat leave when you are expecting twins. I don’t want to finish up too early unless I really have to.

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Hey, just came across your post. I started mine at 30 weeks, mainly due to a long commute and the weather getting hooot. I am now 34 weeks and defo the best decision way too tired and big to do much! All the best x

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Apple87 in reply to Barbara1012

Thanks for replying. No one else seemed interested. 😂 you are a good few weeks ahead of me I’m currently 21weeks. Hope you are keeping well. Also good to get your insight. When I spoke to my dr last week she said most people struggle past 34weeks. Fortunately my commute isn’t very long (20mins) but just trying to be organised and not push myself too much. Xx

Yeah it’s best to go with how you feel see how you get on after you get past 28 weeks. Carrying two babies is defo hard and last trimester feels like the first, constantly tired. Looking forward to meeting them at the right time - so scared about premature labour. They just need to stay put for 3 more weeks. Keep your fingers crossed for me xx

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I’m so paranoid about premature labour as well. I got the scary talk from the doctor a few weeks past it was abit ott at the time. Fingers crossed your babies are nice and comfy for another few weeks yet and you can just relax and enjoy the calm before the babies arrive. I’ve definitely had abit of an energy boost in the 2nd trimester and trying to make the most of it while I can’t Hopefully it continues for a good few weeks yet. Xx

I’ve been wondering the same but I’m only 13 weeks with twins. Thanks for the info x

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No worries. Hope you have been keeping well. X

Hi Apple87, I’m nearly 22 weeks pregnant with twins and planning to work from home from 28 weeks but I have 1,5h into central London. I think I will stop working from 32-33 weeks. My midwife said that most women with twins would stop working around 30-32 weeks. I’m glad to see some ladies here that are expecting twins 😊 x

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Oh that’s a long commute don’t envy that but good you can work from home. That’s also an option for me which is good to know definitely helps take a weight off your shoulders when your work are flexible. As long as I have my laptop and phone I can work anywhere. X

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