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Update following EPC appointment

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I am just out of the hospital. I had a scan and a yolk sac, baby and heart beat was detected on the screen! The nurse kept asking me if I had any pain at either side which I don't. I feel a bit paranoid that she asked this as now thinking there is something she saw. She also asked if my previous deliveries were normal which they were. She said I was measuring 7weeks and 1 day judging by the scan but may not be fully accurate as could be further by a few days. I was told to keep an eye on things and if any bleeding to contact the hospital again. She also said she would contact my GP and indicated that my booking appointment would be earlier. I feel as if the past day has been a roller coaster ride of emotions. I feel over the moon that there is a baby with a heartbeat. At the same time, I feel worried incase I stain again. The nurse said it was natural to feel like this with a history of losses. Thank you to everyone who offered words of assurance to me and took the time to reply to me. I really have appreciated it at an anxious time. X

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Aww really happy to see this update 😍 such a relief for you! Bleeding is horrible in pregnancy had it with my son & daughter 🙄 particularly awful after a loss/es you can’t help but think the worst. Most miscarriages start with pain that’s what the midwife told me ( it’s really good you don’t have pain 👍) as for the straining either get the GP or pharmacist to issue you a laxative there is a safe one you can take in pregnancy ( hopefully that’ll stop the straining which I’m sure caused your bleeding)

All the best with the rest of your pregnancy rest when you can ❤️xoxo

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Thanks very much. X

I’m so pleased to read this update! I think the nurse is right after previous losses anxiety is always going to remain higher. I hope that’s the end of the bleeding for you and you’re able to have a smooth pregnancy xx

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Thank you so much. X

This is great news!

Just a precautionary thought I felt it might be worth sharing. I had staining (brown blood) a couple of times in early pregnancy and then some bright red at 9 weeks. It scared the life out of me but all was fine and the sonographer said it was common at 9 weeks and was related to the placenta kicking in.

So just in case you have more/different staining, it’s not necessarily bad news. But of course always get it checked out x

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Thank you for sharing your experiences. That must have been tough for you. It is just so scary when you notice staining isn't it. As you say though, best always to get things checked out if needs be. X

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It was very scary at the time, and I don’t think I’ve stopped checking or anticipating something similar throughout the pregnancy (I’m now 36 weeks).

Wishing you well for the rest of your pregnancy x

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