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very Early pregnancy symptoms? Curious!

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This post is more for a discussion base rather than advice...

I’m just curious to know what made you know or think you were pregnant before doing a test and getting your BFP?

I’ve read lots of times that the earliest a woman can tell is by missing her period... was this true for you? I know some of us are so in tune with their bodies that surely for some they just knew? Or maybe even had symptoms?

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I actually had no idea 😂 but then, even though we were trying, we'd been trying for 2 years, and had essentially given up all expectation.

My breasts were achy, but no more than normal at the beginning of my period. And I was almost a week late, but I'm not very regular either, so didn't think much about it.

Joked with my mum saying I must be pregnant, but then next day period started next day as normal.

However, the day after that my period stopped. So I took a test, and there it was 🤣 that little plus sign. 3 tests later and a visit to the doctors, turns out I was 5 weeks pregnant!

In hindsight, I hadn't been feeling well, but it was early July and we were in the middle of a heatwave. I thought it was minor dehydration and heat exhaustion... now I know better 😁

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Oh wow! 🙈 One moment your joking of the prospect just to then find out you actually are that’s crazy 😝 when I found out with my first it was more to prove a point to a friend I wasn’t... (we had only just started trying) and she was utterly convinced I were pregnant and I was so convinced I wasn’t so she got me the test and said you may as well do it even if your not,,, so I did and there it was clear as day... so for me I had no idea either.. how old is your little one now if you don’t mind me asking? X

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Due in March 😁😁 can't wait!!xx

We did IVF so I was crazy aware of signs whether it had worked or not. I noticed I was extra sensitive to smells and some started to really bother me, especially coffee and cigarette smoke. This was around when my period would have been due.

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I can only imagine just how aware you must have been... I honestly didn’t get any symptoms with my first until I was around 10 weeks and until that point I did so many tests as all I kept on saying was “I don’t feel pregnant” my biggest was to eggs, I couldn’t stand to look at them and they weren’t allowed in my house at all when I was pregnant as they would just turn my stomach... my partners mum said she knew from that moment my LO would be a boy as she had 3 boys and she experienced the exact same feelings towards eggs... 😳 x

I only did a test as it is an ivf pregnancy so was told to do one..I had no symptoms at all! I’m 12 weeks now and hardly had any signs at all apart from having rather fussy moments with food, sensitive to smells x

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Aw wow congratulations ☺️ X

Mines an IVF pregnancy to so I was told when to test. However this time I got really severe migraines and felt quite sick early on although I still couldn’t believe it when I saw those 2 lines x

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Congratulations ☺️ Hope the migraines have subsided for you x

Mine was IVF too, had cramps leading up to my date for my blood test (equivalent of 4 weeks on the dot for a normal pregnancy so 1st day of period for non IVF) and I was convinced it hadn’t worked as it was like pre period cramps so was shocked to get a positive blood test, that night I felt ‘off’ next day I was sick (4+1) and then the crippling nausea started, I really thought it was just a bug even though I knew I was pregnant but it got worse and I was put on medication at 4+3 🙈😂 Other than that I had no clue whatsoever! I don’t think I would have been one of these people that was aware of it before I knew x

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It never fails to amaze me just how alike pre period and early pregnancy symptoms are. I’ve read in some articles that some woman claim they knew from conception I mean I don’t know how accurate that would be but I feel some people are just so aware of slight changes in their body! How crazy that your symptoms started that soon after you found out... almost like your body was like now the head knows we can go for it 🙈😂 x

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Lovefood1984 in reply to Jmm21

Yep, of all the pregnancy symptoms that one sucked and I was on tablets throughout 😂 No idea what my mind was thinking but I must be super sensitive to hormones! x

Mine was IVF and before I got my first BFP I was super sensitive to smells. Before my second BFP my nipples went huge and I knew it had worked so tested early and it was a BFP x

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Oh wow your symptoms were definitely early then, ☺️when I had my first I was a horse riding instructor and worked on a yard at the time and I literally couldn’t wait for my sense of smell to go back to normal I’m sure you can imagine 😷🤢 X

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Oh no that would of been awful. I remember walking into a perfume shop and having to come out as I thought I was going to be sick. I find them back enough at the best of times!! X

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