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How often did you feel movement at the beginning

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I’m coming up to 19 weeks pregnant tomorrow. I’ve had the flutterings and popping sensations for the last few weeks that I thought was the baby, but I wouldn’t say they are getting more frequent or more noticeable.

I thought they were developing a bit of a pattern as I usually felt them at about 9:30 when I was at home watching the telly.

I’ve not really felt it very much at all over the last week and most of the time I’m not sure if it’s wind 🙄 but I’ve been stressing about some spotting I had last week so I may not have noticed. I heard the heartbeat on Wednesday too after the seeing the midwife due to spotting.

How often should I be feeling movement at this stage? When does there become a routine in movement?

This is the first pregnancy that I’ve gotten to this point on so half the time I don’t know what I’m feeling so could be missing the movement...

This is all so new to me, I think I’m turning slightly neurotic!! lol. X

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I remember at 20 weeks mine being tiny and I only really noticed them at mealtimes, either because baby liked food or because I was sat still? It wasn’t until a bit further along that they became more freqent and noticeable, I think about 28weeks for me for the full pattern and feelings and even then I used to panic if baby had a quieter day (sometimes she moved at the right times but not for as long or as strong). Gave birth at 39 weeks exactly to a very healthy baby girl. I think what you are feeling is perfectly normal but obviously if you have any concerns at all please get checked by your midwife x

I didn’t feel proper movement until about 23 weeks and there was no pattern until about 28-30 weeks. I did feel the odd flutter from around 18 weeks but wasn’t always convinced it was the baby. So your still quite early to feel much movement and it won’t be regular xx

This is my 1st pregnancy aswell and I didn’t feel any proper movements till I was about 23 weeks. It was the odd kick and punch wouldn’t be a set time or might not of felt anything for a couple of days. Now at 29weeks I getting kicked, punched and can feel baby moving round. Still not at a set time, some days will be more than others. x

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