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Holiday in early pregnancy


We have a big family holiday coming up to Disney land in Florida. We travel on 27th December. I'm so excited and really looking forward to it but now that I'm pregnant I'm a bit worried about the long haul flight and in case anything goes wrong while we are there. Has anyone travelled long haul in early pregnancy before? Any tips to help me cope? I'll be 8 weeks then we travel there and 10 weeks on the way back.

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Not to stress you out hon - but check if Florida is zika risk. Some places in the caribbean are I believe.

I live in Brazil so obviously very aware of this (as well as all the other nasty stuff you can get from mosquitos - surge in yellow fever this year, yay!) but just make sure you carry repellent and top it up regularly and you'll be fine xxx

This was the first thing I checked when I found out I was pregnant!! Florida is no longer on the list of Zika risk places x

That's great hon. Honestly, most women have perfume in their makeup bags, I have repellent hahaha Those little buggers love me!! It's the law here that you have to have a valid test (validity 30 days) in order to do an embryo transfer so I know we were ok as of early November but my OH drives me mad as he doesn't take any care about it (probably because his skin doesn't react so he doesn't care if they bite him!!) and zika can be transmitted sexually. Me, I'm totally paranoid spraying repellent and using plug ins at home.

Anyway, have a lovely holiday getting some Christmas sun in the magic kingdom xxx

I was wondering what people were doing in the actual countries with zika risk.

My husband's travels to zika countries with work and we will be doing a fet shortly.

Are you also advised not to have unprotected sex throughout the pregnancy?

It's definitely a worry, although chances are still pretty small of getting it.

Maybe give your clinic a call about getting a blood test before your FET (best of luck by the way!!)

I actually haven't been given or seen any advice about unprotected sex but I might have to impose my own rule as there's no point me taking all the precautions to prevent it if my OH never remembers!!

I'm in the uk and they say no transfer for women within 8 weeks of coming back from a zika zone and 6 months for the man. It really messed with my holiday plans!

I flew from uk to Canada but I was 5 mths no probs didn’t even feel pregnant had no bump was fine

I flew to California at 4 weeks and back at 6 weeks. My consultant had no problem with this but maybe check with your clinic as they did want me to take blood-thinning injections due to the flights.

Also getting up and walking around the plane really regularly, drinking loads of water, wearing flight socks etc. And just check your insurance carefully in terms of what is and isn’t covered. Pregnancy isn’t an illness so just check the small print in your policy so you know what you’re covered for.

Have a lovely time x

I went in november to disney with my kids my flight 9 hours was fine i was 5 weeks how ever must say i was totally exhausted had to go and have mid day naps and found it hard to avoid to many rides as kids wanted to go on every thing, also found food was really carbie and not what i wanted id advise packing snacks x

Great advice! Can I ask what rides you did avoid, as I love the rides but not sure what I can go on. Roller coasters are out that's for sure, but I'm thinking splash mountain might be ok?

I didnt do splash mountain as dips really steep, did do seven dwarfs but put my arm cushioning between the bar, dont do dinosaur i couldnt believe how bumpy that was and the next day i had a hemorage cant say it was linked to any thing imparticular but wish id taken it easier as ive spent 4 weeks on bed rest with a threatened mc but this could of happened for any reason x

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