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When is the right time to stop working while pregnant?

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Hi, I am currently 21 weeks pregnant with my first and I work full time as a hair dresser which means long hours on my feet. I’m currently experiencing pain when I bend down and really bad back problems(I’ve had them prior to getting pregnant) as well as constant migraines. My question is when did you first time mums/mums to be stop working? I’m planning to stop as soon as I hit the 6months mark which is in a few weeks so I’m just wondering if that’s far too soon? Thanks for all your replies

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I stopped working at 38 weeks but I had a desk job. I wanted to work as long as possible as obviously I would have to use my maternity leave and then wouldn’t have much time with baby. It’s entirely up to you and how you feel. Could you not do part time instead? X

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The problem is my boss is kind of like family so it’s that way where I feel like I’m being taken advantage of a lot of the time. It was meant to be part time(3 days a week) that only lasted a week now I’m finding myself working 6 days a week. She also blatantly refuses to hire more staff so I’m doing 2 people’s job most days myself. x

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Oh no that’s a shame. Well maybe if you put to her that your thinking of going off early she may prefer to have you part time rather than not at all x

I’ve got a desk job too so will be working prob up to 38w too just depends if it’s too much for you standing all day! I’d rather have more time off with baby afterwards.

I managed up to the end of 36 weeks 3 days per week as an early years teacher on my feet all day. I would push to be allowed back to three days a week unless this affects your maternity pay badly.

I worked until 37 weeks and although I have a lab/desk job I had help with my lab work from a contractor and I could take breaks when I wanted too so it wasn’t a problem for me. I know my cousin stopped working a lot earlier than me, probably around the 6 month mark. I think it totally depends on the person and the job they do. Do what you feel is right for you x

I'm a childminder & first time round I stopped at 36weeks, but only because of the Christmas holidays so it made no sense returning for a week. I could have carried on for another few weeks. This time round I finished at 37weeks but really pushed it. I planned to get to 38weeks but just couldn't do it.

At the end of the day it's all down to how you manage. If you can it's better to have that time after baby arrives, but not if it's going to put your health at risk xx

I’m 27weeks pregnant and plan on working till 38 weeks. I’m a healthcare assistant so long hours on feet and shift work, but I work in ana amazing team, I’m able to sit down when I want too and take my time with things. But I can see as your a hairdresser (I was before care work) why you want to finish early. I personally think 6 months is early too finish, unless you have all your annual leave too use up, won’t be so bad then. But being on your feet is such hard work, I would rather have more time off when baby is born, that’s why I’m leaving it as late as possible to finish work. Could you not say, about cutting hours down to maybe 1/2 days or a couple of days off in the week, rather than finishing complete. x

My daughter is a hairdresser and is currently 37 weeks pregnant tomorrow and is finishing work tomorrow. She worked longer so she can have more time off with her baby but she has definitely struggled these last two weeks xx

I worked up until 38weeks, I worked in a busy pub so 10hr days on my feet, it was a killer but I wanted more time off with my son, and with mat leave and holidays incurred I managed to have his first 11months off work, 9 of paid mat leave and 2 of holidays I had built up while off.

I know it’s hard but if you can it might be best to stay working for another month or two at least. You can always reduce hours, or get a sick note for the weeks you are really struggling. Good luck x

I have a desk job and work allowed me to work from home 4 days a week these past 3-4 weeks. Its my last week this week and I will be 34+5 days. Although I could work longer I sometimes get stressed out dealing with client issues at work and want to make sure this last 5 weeks that I look after myself, do some exercise and get my little baby's things ready, I don't want to additionally be worrying about work. So if you feel that you need the time off and you can afford it definitely take the time off, you'll just end up worrying about your little one if you carry on past the point you feel comfortable with. Just remember you have to give 28 days notice to change your leaving date to your employer also you have to tell them by week 25 that you are pregnant in writing.

Good luck with everything!

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