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I need help I am so confused!!

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I took two pregnancy tests last week on Monday and they both said that I was pregnant. So yesterday I experienced some bleeding and I missed my period so I was scared I was losing the baby so I went to the emergency room they took a urine test and a blood test and told me I wasn’t pregnant but that I had Told me that I have a uti so now I am scared am I or am I not pregnant?

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So sorry that you have been through all of this. I am sorry to say that if the clinic did blood and urine and told you that you are not pregnant, then I am afraid to confirm that it will mean that you are no longer pregnant. Hopefully you can have the uti sorted and then try again. Big hugs xxx

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Thank you for your kind words ☺️

I’m unsure of how far along you thought you were but it sounds like it could of possibly been something called a chemical pregnancy. That being said I did have a friend who was told very early on 4/5 weeks that she had lost the baby due to negative urine and blood results. She left it a week or so and retested at home, had a positive test. Went to doctors who referred her for a scan and found that she was still pregnant. Unfortunately it’s not very common for that to happen so most likely you are no longer pregnant. I’m so sorry. Xx



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Thank you for your advice and your kind words

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