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Maternity Benefits - Where can I get advice?


Hey Guys,

I wanted to know if anyone who didn't qualify for maternity pay or allowance had any advice. At least I don't think that I qualify....

I was made redundant this time last year and been looking for work in between having IVF treatment (it failed and this is a natural pregnancy in between further treatment).....I haven't been able to secure a job in my previous career, so have more recently been doing interviews in other fields.

I am approaching 16 weeks now and will struggle to find a job at this stage I think as I am showing.

So - I am not sure I will qualify for any maternity benefits as I live with my partner and have not had any income since I got made redundant. I used some savings to survive until a few months ago and then applied for contributions based Job Seekers allowance which I think is for max 6 months, which will end in November.

Does anyone know any organisations that could help advise me? Or anyone else been in this situation....

I am due in February.


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Congratulations hunni , first of all if it’s your first baby and your on a low income you and your partner you can get a maternity grant of £500 which you don’t pay back. The obviously when baby is here your husband can get tax credits for you all as a family again if he’s working full time on a low income he’s get family tax and child tax credits obviously you can decide who actually will apply for that . As for other benefits if your living with your partner give the job center a ring they’ll help you out a bit more with that x x

Good luck x

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Thanks - we are super happy about the baby arriving :) just I feel like the benefits system is a bit complex (for me anyway).

I will chat to the job centre a bit more.


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It’s hard work huni with my second I lost my job at 7 month so I know what your going though x now 32 weeks with my 3rd this time I’ve got a job makes such a difference x

Google maternity grant and benifits x

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Thanks Hon - will do. The Citizens advice referred me to a specialist organisation that can see me on Friday so hopefully they can help.

So funny when you finally get pregnant there is so much else to think about apart from the actual pregnancy!

We are very grateful though - we actually thought we would never get this far.


As others have said youll be entitled to the one off sure start maternity grant of £500. I would also ring citizens advice. I was working up until I was 7 months. I was then not even granted maternity pay. So seeked for help with the job centre which were completely useless. I was told I would not get any financial help. But as usual some people dont have a clue about their own job. So I would talk to as many people as you can and ring citizens advice. All the best.

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I have an appointment with someone the citizens advice recommended yesterday so hopefully they can help.

It is crazy isn't it that you don't have any help?! The job centre is totally useless.


You should get maternity allowance (approx £140/week) or your partners work might have a decent maternity leave policy (you can share parental leave).

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Thanks Georgina - I haven't been working so not entitled to anything unfortunately. I got made redundant and then had to take time out for IVF.

Even though this is now a natural pregnancy as IVF didn't work!


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