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Stopping breastfeeding...


my 16 month old is showing signs of stopping breastfeeding, he only feeds pre bed and the last week he's hardly had any, I'm talking a few seconds. He has a bottle of cows milk pre nap (150 ml) eats well and gets plenty of dairy. 2 questions... Do i need to replace his pre bed breastfeed with cows milk and will my supply just stop without me needing to do anything? Mixed emotions! I remember when he was tiny, feeding every few hours, wishing the day he's stop to come sooner. Now he's there and i don't want him to stop! My baby isn't a baby any more!

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He'll be fine no need to worry hun your supply will just stop and that's it. I stopped feeding my daughter at 2 and half like you she was pre bed and sometimes she'd wake through night but I had to stop her as she wasn't getting anything out of it anymore

It's an emotional time I remember it very well. Bless ya. You'll be fine good luck xx

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