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Getting intimate after birth


Hi everyone

I know this might be TMI but here goes..

My little one is 3 months old now and we’re doing great. It’s just since her birth I have zero desire to have sex. I had a tough delivery and A LOT of stitches. Also 2 weeks after the delivery I was taken back into hospital for 2 more weeks. I was very sick and touch and go for a bit.

I am a bit nervous about down below even though the doc has checked and everything is fine, maybe if I get the first time over I’ll get back into it. I just have no desire to try

Has anyone else suffered total loss of sex drive after having a baby and did it return?

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Hi Jenken. Similar to you I had a lot stitches after delivery ( I had a 3c degree tear). I also then had to have an operation to remove a large ovarian cyst and my left ovary when my baby was 2months old. Like you I was very wary of intercourse but I gave it a go at about 14weeks post delivery and it was a little sore but we took it slow. We have done it regular since too and it’s still a little sore but it is getting better. Just take your time and do it when you feel completely ready and relaxed. Hope that helps.

Hi having stitches does makes a difference on how you feel after my first I was really sore and frightened to have sex but like Rhiannon52 just take it slow and your sex drive might have dropped due to hormones etc but should return.

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Lol this was 8 mths ago

After my second child who was delivered in theatre, failed ventouse, forceps delivery, I can still feel the scar from the episiotomy 4 years later. I didn't let my oh near me for 6 months after he was born, oh was very understanding. Listen to your body, as others have said, take it slowly. My sex drive is definitely back now... although sometimes I'm too tired after a busy day with two children! X

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