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Over this heat!

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I'm 35+5 weeks and am really struggling in this heat! I've coped until today, and I'm now done, i just want to cry! At 11:30pm my bedroom is still 32°c and that's with a ceiling fan and a floor fan running 24hrs a day and with my curtains constantly closed.

Wondering if anyone has any tips on how to cool down a room (have done the ice in front of fan trick) or on how to cool an overheating, grumpy pregnant lady!


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i sympathis my upstairs even with windos open is over 30 degrees, im only 26 weeks but im struggling we only have one fan in house and seeming as kids are coping me and partner are camping in living room as its cooler than our box room, there isnt room for the fan in our bedroom and kids wouldnt sleep with it on anyway.

I'm only 5w+5 and really struggling in the heat :(

I just delivered on Saturday after a very long hot pregnancy! To keep cool I took cold showers right before bed leaving my hair wet. I drank so much iced water along with chomping on watermelon out of the fridge. Cool packs out the freezer on your head while pooping your feet in a bucket of cold water helps to! Good luck with everything x

34+3 here and i sympathise. I'm still at work and the office is even hotter than at home.

None of these are much good for night-time, but wetting my hair (when at home) and putting a bit of cold water behind my ears and on my wrists is helping slightly during the day. I'd also second Chrissie's suggestion of putting your feet in a bucket of cold water. I tried that at the weekend and it was a revelation!

I can completely relate I’m 38+1. I bought a pram fan a while ago so that’s constantly on me in this weather. I’ve also never eaten so many ice poles 🤣I’ve put bottles of water in the freezer and have two ice packs, so I use one while the others in the freezer. My blinds are also closed but windows open. Good luck! Hopefully it cools down next week!

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