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How long to wait?


How long did you guys wait to try for another baby after miscarriage. We are ready to try from the emotional side, and want to try as soon as possible. I have heard so many opinions about how many months we should wait that I am really unsure. Although I want to try as soon as possible we also want to make sure that by rushing we are not putting another pregnancy at risk. Have any of you ladies who have managed to have a baby after miscarriage can share how long you have waited ?

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I waited 2 months but only because I decided I wanted to go skiing! You can start trying as soon as the bleeding stops but it’s advised to wait til you’ve had a period to make dating easier. Sorry to hear about your miscarriage and fingers crossed the next goes well for you x

Hi we tried straight away it took us 5 months to get preg before mc and I was 37 so I felt time was ticking and if there was any fertility problems I needed to keep trying asap. It took us another 6 months we did get referred to a fertility clinic but we managed to conceive naturally before the appointment. I’m 9 wks just waiting for a scan app, I mc at 12w last time so I’m a little anxious and have everything crossed.

We miscarried twice. The first time we had complications and I was in and out of hospital so I didn't get to properly grieve until 2 weeks after being told there was no heartbeat. We got pregnant again 4 months later. Unfortunately we miscarried again.

We decided to stop actively trying and plan out wedding and go abroad on a spur of the moment thing 3 months after we miscarried. A week after we returned I found out we were pregnant! We said if it happened then it happened but I was definitely pregnant!

We got caught 2 months after we miscarried and now have a beautiful 14 week old rainbow boy! I honestly don't think it's as big of a deal as the doctors make out. I was advised to wait until my first period so my body got back to normal by a relative who's high up in nursing.

As long as you're emotionally ready hun then go for it. Try not to focus on getting caught and you'll be pregnant before you know it! Good luck! (Sorry for the paragraph!) Xx

Firstly- I'm sorry for your loss. I started trying as soon as the bleeding from my miscarriage stopped (I bled for 6 weeks). We were lucky enough to fall pregnant again straight away, I think I must have fallen 2 weeks after my bleeding stopped. I'm now 26 weeks pregnant with our rainbow baby.

I asked my Doctor for advice on when was 'safe' to start trying again. She said they advice 3 months from an emotional aspect, but physically there's no reason not to start trying right away. They usually like you to have had a period first as it makes the pregnancy easier to date, but as far as I'm aware, that's the only reason.

The very best of luck to you xx

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