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5 weeks pregnant and spotting brown blood


I'm 5 weeks pregnant, been having bad cramps for about 3 days now, yesterday it got worse woke me up at 3.30 by 6.30 I had started spotting brown blood. Yesterday the pain was really bad. Today pain isn't as bad but still brown watery spotting. I had a early loss in January. Could I be miscarrying again? Should I go to a&e or wait for my scan at epu on Wednesday?

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You can wait but while waiting ( because they say that nothing can stop the early miscarriage) you should be at bedrest and do nothing dangerous

Usually they say that Brown blood is ok its bad if it is red

l hope that everything is ok hun xx

Saraykay32 in reply to Cavendis

Thank you, will let you know results of my scan tomorrow xx

Im sorry to hear that...wish you the best in this new pregnancy...i had a miscarriage two years ago in January.

Im currently 30 weeks pregnant with a healthy baby boy. I found out i was pregnant at 6 weeks & like you i was having brown discharge that lasted 2 weeks on and off with period cramps. Doctor said it was normal as long as there was no bleeding or intense cramping. I know is hard specially when you gone thru a previous miscarriage but try and keep calm & have faith everything will be fine !☺️🙌🏼

Saraykay32 in reply to Edith22

Thank you! Got my 6 week scan tomorrow so will hopefully find out then. Congratulations on your pregnancy xx

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