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6 days delayed period

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I really need help. I'm 21 and today is my 6th day late. I had sex during my first fertility day march 30 but he did the pull out method. My tracker said i should have my period at april 18 but today is the 24thof april and still dont have my period. I usually feel tender breast a week before my period which is the thing that i only rely for hoping my period but it didnt happen a week before my period day, instead it happened the day my period delayed. I dont feel any symptoms of being a preggo. And now i am very confuse. I am hoping that im not pregnant :( pls help.

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Take a test and find out hun x

I tried the induce pt using salt. It was negative. I also tried the cooking oil method this morning and it was also negative. Tomorrow if my period still hasnt come i'll try the pt on drugstore.

I don't know what these methods ate but they don't sound right to me hun I'd stay away if I was you.

Get a normal proper test and you'll get an accurate result xx

The thing is, i was just really afraid to buy a pt on drugstore. But i'll try. Thank you so much for the response ^^

Order one online xx

I still a lot of questions to ask and it really makes me confused and stressed a lot :(

Don't question nothing till you've got a definite answer hun no point driving yourself mad x

What does lotion like discharge means anyway?

Not sure hun, if it's not normal for you and if it's a funny color and smelly could be some sort of infection. Or thrush

I'm pregnant and I have a white water like discharge.

Let me know how you get on with testing x

Self made tests don't work get a pregnancy test from the store. What is there is there now, by not checking it's not going to disappear.

Also the pull out method is not a reliable method and has a high failure rate. Get a test so you know where you stand!

I got the test this morning and its said negative but its my 7th day of delayed period. Is it possible to skipped a month of period and get it the next month in a different day you expected your period? Coz it happened to me before and i'm thinking maybe it will happen again. The only thing that makes me worried this time is because i had sex.

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Yes it can happen. Stress can also delays periods. Wait another week and if still no period test again (always using first morning urine). And please if you are not pregnant and you intend to have sex and not get pregnant start some proper contraception... the withdrawal method is not good!

The withdrawal method is not a form of contraception, sperm leaves the penis throughout sex not just at the end. Speak to your doctor about some reliable contraception if you don't want to get pregnant.

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