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Whooping cough booster

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So cut a ping story short I’m expecting and have requested all our close relatives and friends get the booster. My mother in law chucked a tanti initially but has just told her son she got it when she was in hospital having an hysterectomy... so am I just meant to take her work for it or?! Helllp so stuck!! Can I ask my midwife?!

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I'm afraid you just have to take her word for it, albeit dubious.

Hospitals don't do routine vaccines, not in the uk at least. What's the midwife gonna do? Nobody can check your mothers in law records without consent.

However I never asked any of my relatives to have a whooping cough booster (although I know it's done in Australia). I had the booster myself with both pregnancies and if anyone I knew was ill I'd just avoid them/suggest no baby holding.

I think that’s what I’m going to do is try and avoid the situation and limit visiting for a few days just to settle in

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I would agree with this. Im pretty sure the main reason they vaccinate pregnant ladies against whooping cough is actually to help with your baby’s immunity for their first few weeks as you pass it onto them. I’d therefore be surprised if the NHS (if you’re in the UK) would give the booster to all your relatives and friends as there’s no clinical indication to do so.

Best thing you can do to protect your baby is to get yourself vaccinated and avoid anyone with clear signs of illness getting too close to baby when he/she arrives. x

to be fair none of my close relative shad the booster, i did but they didnt and two kids down the line nothings happened, It is kinda unfair to expect people to get a jab just because you are pregnant, youll want that first few days to yourself anyway, trust me. Youll need it to find your feet and get yourself sorted out on your routine.

I can’t have the vaccination as I had a bad reaction to the whooping cough vaccination as a child. Within a couple of days of me having it I started having seizures on and off for at least 2 years and none of my siblings were allowed it due to how I reacted and my midwife said it’s a definite no no for me now xx

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