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Bottle feeding newborn, advice help etc

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I have a newborn, week old, we left the hospital without being shown feeding techniques, burping/winding, how baby is after being fed etc

I feed her in my arm slightly upright, use MAM bottle 130mls at present.

My questions are do you have to stop the baby feeding halfway and wind? Do you let them do whole bottle before winding? Do you wind them after the feed? What do you do after the feed? A midwife told me on the phone sit them up and wait, another told me winding is a myth and put her straight down when she’s finished. To me that sounds wrong, gravity will bring it back up if you put them straight down? Today I noticed she vomited one feed up, two trickles of milk came out and I fear she will choke and I’m doing something wrong, I’ve had no guidance no family support and no sleep so I’m right at the end of my wits and the response I got when I rang up the hospital ward for help was call your mum or ask the midwife to come tomorrow! Thanks!

When I put her down in Moses basket I watch as she squirms at times, has a pained expression others but doesn’t cry.

Any advice?

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Hi, & congratulations on your new baby.

It's definitely a good idea to wind throughout the feed. Each baby is different & with time you will get a feel for how often your baby needs it. I would probably try twice during the feed, then at the end. I used to sit my baby on my knee & lean her forwards supporting her head under her chin if that makes sense, the rub her back- worked a treat xx

How do I know if she needs it? I’m so confused and feel really let down by birth centre and no guidance support

She might fuss & spit the teat out. But she might not do that so just take a break anyway & see if you can bring any wind up x

As cheekymonkey has said if she is fussy when feeding then pause and cuddle her in an up right position so her head is by your neck / shoulder and rub her back to sooth her. Winding can be tricky at times so I understand that it might make you feel flustered, please just be as calm as you can as keeping her upright will help her feel more comfortable until the discomfort passes. Sometimes it may come out the bottom end instead ☺️ If she cries and seems uncomfortable when you lie her down after feeding she will probably still have wind so try to help her with this by rubbing or patting her back gently whilst in an upright position.

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You can get bottles that minimise wind too if you’re still concerned she’s windy after a feed. We used Dr Browns that worked quite well. Infacol (ie simeticone) is also said to work. You can buy it off the shelf and give this to baby before a feed to help the wind come up.

Are you based in the UK? If so, you will have a health visitor assigned to you who will help with your questions and visit you at home. He/she can show you some burping techniques. We were a fan of the bicycle legs massage when things got

Good luck! X

Aw Hunni sorry your going through this , it’s bad really they should of asked as your first time parents! When my babies are born I wind my babies every ounce and then 2 ounces when they’re a bit older as some babies suffer with not bringing their wind up and sometimes require infacol which you can get from chemist if the little one is crying in pain or struggling to bring wind up.

Don’t listen to the midwife that told you to put baby straight down as that isn’t good , you can lie baby on tummy across your lap and tap back or prop baby on shoulder and tap and rub back or sit on your knee.

If your concerned anymore hun then go to your gp or local health visitor as you need sleep and rest Hun xx

I would google paced feeding. A newborns stomach at one week old is about 2oz (60ml) . If you were breastfeeding the baby takes a different amount each time so from a bottle they won’t always want the whole thing.

You can Put them over your shoulder and rub their back to wind them. Sometimes they might want this mid feed just follow their cues there are no rules x

If you're in the u.k you can approach your local children's centre and ask to join their local cherubs group. This is a support group for breastfeeding but I'm sure they will help you with the winding issues your having with bottle feeding all the same. Good luck and remember you know your baby best and you're doing a great job. Everyone struggles with some aspect of parenthood you are not failure your concern and need to act tin the right manner and worrying are signs that you are the best parent ever because you are trying to do the best for your child. Try not to stress around the baby too much they can sense your unease and become worried themselves as a result of you feel your not getting the help you should be getting approach your local citizens advice bureau and they will give you advice on how to get help if your not I'm contact with the right professional due to lack of care/ support from the system.

Always wind your little one. She may gulp her milk, and that will cause more wind. You are doing it right with her head elevated a little. You will find she will prefer being winded 'her' way, either by being sat up, rest her chin between your outstretched thumb and forefinger, you won't choke her, whilst you rub or tap her back, some prefer to be upright on your shoulder, some on your lap on their tummies with you rubbing her back. If she hasn't burped after a few minutes continue the feed. Some babies have trouble bringing up wind and infacol, gripe water may help, but don't worry. Sometimes you may see above her top lip, looks a little bluish in colour. That is wind. Don't worry if she brings up a little milk, that is normal too. Babies are all different and some will drink nice and slowly and burp as soon as you sit them up, but they are not all as obliging. Flat on her back straight after a feed is wrong.

130mls seems rather a lot for a newborn. Perhaps would explain a little tummy ache, hence the facial expression.

My 7 month old granddaughter was having a 200ml bottle and not finishing it at 6 months. She is having some solids now so usually will only take about 120mls. Excuse me if I am talking out of turn.

They say breast milk is the best but it's up to you when you want to wean from the breast to bottles. You will still band with your baby

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