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Weight gained 12kgs at 32 weeks


I am losing my mind, even though I'm not overdoing, I'm eating pretty healthy, still got few weeks to go !!! My original weight was 48kgs, but now I am 60 kgs at 32 weeks I don't know how much more I'll gain!! Any suggestion guys. ..

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Try not to worry. Not too long to go. I lost 4.5 stone before the pregnancy and it’s creeping up. I stopped weighing at about your stage as I’d heard the final weeks have higher gains. But the nurse weighed me and I’ve only put on another 3kg since that time.

My midwife said not to worry and with breastfeeding it would all drop off in no time.

I have no way been eating healthy btw with cake and carbs being my staple diet! However I’ve had to be having little and often portions due to the baby taking so much room up.

Angel90 in reply to emmab178

After reading your reply, makes me feel okay. Thank you so much dear. Xoxo

I think that is around average. I put on over three stone with my little girl and two weeks after she was born only had just over a stone to get back to my original weight. That has come off now (she is now 8 months). It will come off quickly especially if you are Breastfeeding. Enjoy the last few weeks and worry about weight gain after your little one is here xxx

Angel90 in reply to lianm8

Well glad to heard that you're in normal weight after giving birth. And also your little one is doing goid. I don't know weather i can be in normal weight after giving birth also.

Anyway thanks for the sweet reply. Regard to your little princess from aunty here. Xoxo

I started off being 60kg and when I went to give birth I was 72kg I think. I did not put any weight in first 16 weeks and in late pregnancy I put minimum weight on (mind that baby was only 2,780kg)

Week after giving birth I was back to my 60kg. Now 5 months into breastfeeding and longs walks and i am 58kg!

So don't worry- you'll be fine! :)

By reading your comments i am impressed. Thank you so much. It means alot to me. Thanks _()_

I was like you / a bit worried that some kg will get stuck on me and therefore I bought during pregnancy some expensive winter dresses size 12 thinking about extra weight I'll keep- but now I wish I waited as they are a bit too big for me 😂

We all are different, so are our bodies and hormones. However - if you are an active person and will breastfeed then I think you'll loose that weight quickly!

I have friends who put nearly 30kg during the pregnancy and went back to her normal weight in 10 months time (took a bit of time- she was not breastfeeding) but as you have put little weight on, then I would not worry much!

One friend of mine told me that after her 2 babies she noticed that she went slim whist breastfeeding and then when babies started weaning to real food then she put few kg back on as she still had an appetite.

PS: if you'll choose to breastfeed- do t get scared about your appetite at the beginning: i was eating soooooooo much- custantly hungry and if i did not eat I became easily irritated and nearly shaking. So my advice is to eat if you need to eat!

Other friend started going to gym when baby was 6w old and she noticed drastic decrease in milk supply. All I do- I try to walk as much as possible. For example we walk to my baby's swimming class which is 1h walk there and 1h back plus 30mins in the water- great workout!

Most importantly- try to chill! Weight is just a weight- few kg here, few there - we all are still gorgeous and best mums in the world ❤️

yeah i am gonna do breastfeeding since mother's milk is the best for the baby. i just hope that everything will be fine (weight)as you said. you are so sweet dear, your replies made my day. take care and good luck in your life ahead. XOXOXOXO

Same to you! ☺️

I hope breastfeeding will work out for you! But I suggest you to be open minded. The most important thing is a fed baby and a happy mummy! (Just saying it because I have seen friends who are gutted because breastfeeding did not work out for them. Best is to try and see!)

All best, enjoy your bump!xoxo

Don't worry. I put on about 14 kg with both of mine. If anything, I was eating less as I had less room lol. My midwives never said anything about it!

Angel90 in reply to KellyTrip

Really!!! You have gained enough weight i see. I hope you're back to the normal weight even. Thanks for the sweet reply anyway.

How tall are you? 48kg is very small, so if you were underweight, you should put on more fast reserves than an overweight person. After week 35 I would generally expect 0.5kg per week.

Contact your midwife if you are concerned.

Remember some women do retain a lot of water x

Angel90 in reply to Georgina_D

My BMI is normal. I am not that much tall only 5ft 2inch, with 48kgs but now i am feeling like a balloon. Oppss.. anyway thanks for the reply.

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