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Unprotected sex and still not pregnant

Hi me and my boyfriend have been having unprotected sex since the start of our relationship, he always finishes inside me, we arent actively trying to get pregnant but thought it to be weird that we havent become pregnant as we have had sex during all different times of my cycle, could this mean that one of us infertile? Please help!

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*disclaimer* i also did not use that miscarriage tag it was automatic and i hadnt seen it till posted! Please excuse

1)If you guys have been having unprotected intercourse since the beginning of your relationship, I would call that actively trying to conceive.

2) for some couples it sometimes take time to conceive.

3) you have to be ready for a baby. It is not an easy decision and you have to make sure that you both are ready to be responsible parents.

4) if you/your partner are concerned about infertility, you can always make an appointment with your gp and he can do some blood tests and go from there if any of the results come back and indicate that there is a problem.

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Thank you and i was reffering to not actively as im allergic to some condoms and so we dont use protection for that reason but were not both saying at this time lets get pregnant, but thank you for the advice

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Have you tried different contraception methods? Like implant, pill....

If you guys are not ready to be parents you have to think about these things.

Make an appointment with your gp/nurse practitioner or go to your closest family planning clinic.

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Tried the pill but i was constantly throwing up so they decided against the implant, but yes i will make the appointment.

First of all what does since start of relationship mean? Maybe a more accurate time frame might be more helpful (aka weeks/months)

Also not using protection doesn't necessarily mean you are actively trying aka are you aware if you have had sex during your fertile periods (10-16 days after your period)

If you don't want to get pregnant I would advice contraception. I wouldn't bother with fertility testing if you don't want to actively get pregnant.

If you don't want to get pregnant though I wouldn't tempt faith aka it hasn't happened yet so might be ok... As having children is a pretty big deal, not to be taken lightly

As re contraception you can use 1. Non latex condoms

2. Different type of combined pill/Progesterone only pill/injection/ implant

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About a year ago we started and thank you yeah i have tried the combined and progesterone only was a bit afraid to use non latex condoms because of what happened with the latex ones

Our friends took over 5 years to conceive their first then not long after their son was born, they found out she was pregnant again. It doesn't mean you can't conceive.

If you weren't planning on having a baby then I would definitely recommend contraception! I had the implant before me and my fiancé decided we wanted a family. It worked for me but it made a friend of mine unwell. There are loads of different options though - implant, coil, injection, latex free condoms, different types of pills. You can always book an appointment with your doctor n they can advise you on what's best for you.

If you don’t want a baby st this moment you could always have a coil implanted not sure though if they are similar to the pill, if it definitely worth speaking to your doctor about contraception as there are so many out there now one of them might suit you. If you are worried about not getting pregnant is has got to be worth mentioning that also to the doctors as I am not sure of your age but I know someone who has been trying for two years now so her doctors are doing tests to see if they have problems, for future might be better off knowing.

Dear Neesh_5

From your story I realise you wouldn't mind getting pregnant, and I guess you might like having a wee one for your self. We have a similar problem allergic to latex, I've never used any contraceptives in my like ever and I wouldn't be in a position to suggest that for anyone. Abstaining for me is the best contraceptive if you r not married. I got married and we had our little girl so easy without trying hundred times we r hoping for a boy next and a girl and a boy and a girl and a boy girl boy *just kidding* but anyway now it's time to sit down with yourself and figure out what is it that you truely want, the problem here isn't what contraceptive to use the problem is *fertility* now ask yourself questions like is he the one? Does he want family? Is he the kind of person u dreamt for yourself? Is he supportive? Then tell him what you really want and see if u r in the same page. That way u can have your fertility test both done and walk the walk together keeping in mind that it is for life. X

Hi I understand your concern although it seems you weren't planning a pregnancy but since you haven't became pregnant you have concerns! Seems to me if you were to become pregnant it's ok with you and your boyfriend considering no contraception being practiced! If I were you see a fertility doctor or a regular doctor may be able to conduct test to see how fertile you are in terms of becoming pregnant! Me and my boyfriend had sex for 7 years and we didn't plan on it , there was a time I told him to get me pregnant I want a baby!!! But it didn't happen then. However, I became pregnant a few years later and yes I'm pregnant right now! He's excited so am I. My first pregnancy ever! We're very proud of this pregnancy ! Sometimes you don't plan or think ahead but hey we're lovers and have a special bond 😍 Good luck to you on your wishes hugs and kisses 💋

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Thank you very much x

I'm also allergic to condoms (both latex and non-latex- have you tried both?) but used both the combined patch and the progesterone-only pill (POP). Don't just try one or two forms of contraception and then give up. Also, I'm hoping that you both got tested for all STDs before you started actively having unprotected sex. And get him tested twice as HIV has an incubation period of around six weeks before it tests positive, so once alone, particularly at the start of the relationship, is not always enough. Untreated chlamydia infection is one of the most common causes of medically-explained infertility. I'm sure that's not the case for you, but the best way to safeguard your fertility is with regular screenings and checks.

It's also worth noting that babies often present a challenge in relationships, particularly in new ones. Besides, it's not all roses- have you read about episiotomies? Google it and google childbirth etc thoroughly make sure you know what you're potentially getting into.

Wishing you all the best for a healthy and happy future.

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Thank you, we got tested before we started having sex and a few times after as a just in case everything had come back negative! I also have tried. Both types of condoms and the pop pill its jus the doctor said to hold off on getting the implant dueto reaction i had with the pop

But i will definitely have a good google search of those and thank you once again

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Maybe copper implant.. Has no hormones in it, very few contraindications would have a look at it

Me and my partner were having unprotected sex for over a year and never got caught, after he got made redundant from his job and we had to move we decided i would go back on the pill. I was taking the pill religiously and we were using condoms for the most part as well for around 5 or 6 months when i found out i was 9 weeks pregnant! Sometimes you just never know and when its meant to happen it will. But i will say if your not 100% sure you want a baby i would consider birth controll, if you and your partner have only been together a year its a very big strain on a relationship. Me and my babies dad had been together over 3 years when we had our little one and although i wouldnt change my son for the world me and his dad would take a bullet for him i still dont think we fully understood how hard it would be.

I hope it all works out for you and i really wouldnt worry. I would consider an IUD or IUS as you can get non hormonal versions of these that wont cause reactions the way condoms and the pill does. Xx

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Thank you x

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