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Heartburn & sickness

Has anyone got any tips on heartburn and sickness I’m about 8 weeks pregnant and I literally can’t eat anything without it coming back up which is causing me really bad acid 😩

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Have you tried ginger biscuits? Heard they work a treat for morning sickness xx


I have but they seemed to make me sick even more. Thank you though xx


Oh no! Hope it settles for you soon xx


Congrats. :)

With my first for heartburn I drank cold whole milk, it really helped. Now with my second cold water works, milk makes it worse. And try to be upright for at least an hour and a half after eating. With my first I suffered awful sickness up until I delivered my son, nothing helped. Try to keep a food diary and maybe you will find your trigger for heartburn/sickness.


Go ask your Drfir ranitadine. I was put on it after 3 over night stays all before 12 weeks cos my sickness and heartburn was that bad i was throwing blood up cos i was rupturing my stomach lining and throat.

Ranitadine will deal with heart burn and cyclizine with the sickness both pregnancy safe.

I had a condition called hypermesis graverdium. HG also know as severe morning sickness. Had to bw on fluid drips all 3 over nighters


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