Slow labour

On Sunday evening I started with these really bad cramps. Like period pains- I ended up at the hospital as I wasn't sure what was going on when the nurse assessed me she said they where contractions and I was in early labour and the exaimination said I was 1cm dilated. She also preformed a stretch and sweep and send me home until the contractions where more regular.

I'm due to be induced on Monday afternoon due to havunfn gestational diabetes. But these cramps are still there coming and going. Sometimes they seem to regulate slightly then they go again (basically all over the place) I've been like this for 48 hours now and I knackered from not sleeping due to pain, I'm uncomfortable and feel like rubbish to be honest. Is there anything you can recommend that will get things going? Or if I need to be asking the hospital to have a look at what's going on

I had curry for tea last night, been eating pineapple, walking around hot baths hot water bottles... all the old wives tales and nothing 😭

Thanks in advance


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  • How are you doing now?

    Sleep whenever you can, you will need all your energy. Use breathing to relax yourself. I did hypnobirthing and it really helped. Breath in for the count of 4 and out for 8.

    There was something on my antenatal course about walking up and down the stairs sideways, that helped me with my first when I was in labour.

    As long as your waters haven't gone, sex can help bring labour on as the hormone in semen is similar to what they use in the pessary to induce labour.

    Good luck, you can do this! X

  • I'm exactly the same. I thought she was on her way last night as I had contractions for 3 hours straight. Got to 10 mins apart and they just stopped. It's draining 😭

    I've found that when the contractions start bending over the windowsill and swinging my hips really helps (must look Hilarious lol)

    Just wish she would make an appearance now xx

  • Pineapple set me off, it of sex if you can hack it to open up cervix, have a warm bath and see how you get on, if you can't get comfy just go to hospital and get pain relief xxx

  • I've heard that about pineapple so I've been eating loads of it and for days and it's done nothing. Tried hot baths, standing in hot showers, squatting, up and down stairs literally EVERYTHING. She just won't budge 😭😭

    I don't want to try sex just because of how uncomfortable I am and for the last few weeks of been pregnant she's hurt anyway. Xx

  • Ahhh right fair enough if you get too uncomfortable go to hospital get checked over and they can give you codeine that's what I had all way through labour, if you have an exercise ball they are meant to help I couldn't get my hands on one when I went into labour but Tesco sell them best of luck keep us updated xx

  • Thank you Hun. I might have to get my OH to bring me one home as that's something I haven't tried! Thanks for your help xxx

  • Not a problem hope little one arrives soon is baby early or late? Boy or girl? I feel so excited for you hahaha would go b as ck there in a heartbeat for another lmao

  • I never want to do this again haha! 😂😂 it's a little girl 💗 Soooo excited just want to meet her now xx

  • Awhhhhhh :) bless hope you get on okay, when I went into labour I had hot showers and let the water hit my bump I spent 7 hours solid in the shower hahaha try and eat and eat, keep little bits but often cause eonce your admitted you can't eat and I didn't eat I was so hungry they said they'd bring me a sandwich then it got taken away cause I was 10cms hahaha I tried to drink sugary tea and crumpets to keep my strength up

  • I love been in the shower the hot water helps when the contractions are there. And she kicks about loads must be the feel of the water! How long was you in labour for? Just hope she makes a move soon only so many times I can clean the house lol

  • Haha bless don't want to scare you but 56 hour sin total lmao

  • OMG ! !! 56 hours active labour 😱😱

  • It was 49 hours till I was 10cms dilated then 7 hours between arriving at hospital and giving birth at jessops in Sheffield they don't usually let you go over 2 hours of pushing but I went 4 hours cause Athena wasn't in any distress then had forceps delivery xxx

  • Oh my lord. That sounds long!! I wouldn't have had the strength to push for four hours especially after been in labour that long. Supposenits all worth it when they pass you your little one xx

  • It definitely is how are you feeling xx

  • All right. I've not had a contraction all day so she must be waiting for my inducement on Monday now xx

  • Awhhhhhh bless her I reckon you'll have her before Monday hahaha, I was booked it had her 6 hours before I was due to be admitted hahaha good kucj xxx

  • Hope your right. Thank you xxx

  • How are you feeling? Is bambino here yet xx

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