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i'm new here and need advice

me and my boyfriend had intercourse 3 days ago and again the next day we went un-protected my period was due the next day and is normally extremely heavy as i have a blood deficiency however the day before my period i started to bleed really lightly and the color is light as well almost a pinkish color, as well as this i've been more tired than normal and have to pee frequently, i've found i'm hungry a lot more than normal and my back is aching i also have light cramps as well, i've been reading about implantation bleeding and was wondering if thats what it was however with my condition the bleeding is heavier than what it would be in some one who didnt suffer from this condition as my blood finds it hard to clot, is there a chance i could be pregnant?

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If it was only the day before no, but take a test


doesnt sound likely, however if you don't want to get pregnant then don't go unprotected ... its a big risk to take


actually, it doesn't seem you are pregnant. I suppose it's just your period, some changes in your body but not pregnancy. But if you worry about that take a test.

Good luck with the results.


You don't get symptoms like 'I'm more tired' 'I'm more hungry', 'my back aches' literally like three days after conceiving! You realise the reason for back-ache, just for a start, is the weight of a baby. Not just like a random thing that immediately happens.

Basic biology will tell you it's nothing at the point. It's probably not even implanted. What you're getting sounds an awful lot like a normal period. Regardless of all this, you may or may not be pregnant. Wait a few weeks, if you have reason to believe you are take a test. That's the only way you can know.

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