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Late period


Hello guys I'm new to all this, been ttc, I'm a regular 27-28 days in my periods, on day 29 no signs, I have a very mild cramp on my left side, but barely noticable, considering I have very heavy AF, and severe pain so this is nothing to what I normally get, took a PRegnancy test this morning but never result, and I had bad cramps roughly around what would be implantation time but that it and considering I have always been so regular it's annoying me that's the tests are negative. Could I still be pregnant what's your advice?

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Wait a week and take another test

Smb1017 in reply to Baby24

Okay thanks for the advice

I would agree, take a test in a week, first wee on a morning

Smb1017 in reply to rachellj93

Thank you, the wait is killing me I just want to know now

Agree with everyone else, wait a week and retest with first morning urine. First response pregnancy tests are the best in my opinion for picking up the pregnancy hormone.

HOWEVER - if this pain in one side gets any worse and is accompanied by any other unwell feelings, there could be the possibility of an ectopic pregnancy. These are medical emergencies so familiarise yourself with the symptoms and if there's any concerns you may be going through this you need to contact a Dr immediately.

Smb1017 in reply to Danissten

The crAmps didn't last long a couple of hours and went, it's just the not knowing, I want to know now, it never got any worse it just went and that was it, il just wait a week and try again if nothing by then xx

Danissten in reply to Smb1017


How has your week been? Did you take another test?

Smb1017 in reply to Danissten

Af come on Sunday, 5 days late which is really unusual for me, but I think it due to going on holidays and the change in body clock and routine, thanks for asking though xx

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