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I'm trying to get pregnant?

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I'm trying to get pregnant with my partner for over 6ish months now and we've been having a lot of intercourse for me to conceive and it's nearly every day, I don't know if I'm over doing it or what?

I have also been to the brooks health clinic for a screening test (the whole lot) to see if I had any infections to stop this but the results came back negative so I know I don't have a diseases or infections!!

I don't know what to do?

Please can anybody help me

Thanks xxx

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You don't necessarily have to be doing it every day, though your chances are supposed to be greater if you're having sex more frequently. I think the average time most couples take to conceive can be anything up to a year so it's still relatively early days, even if you might feel like something's wrong. It took me 11 months of trying (and I timed it carefully every month to make sure we hit my fertile window) and I was sure that my body was broken. Turns out it wasn't ... it's just something I couldn't control, and I hate that! Just keep doing what you're doing - eat healthily, look after yourself and your partner, and (don't hit me) try to relax, which I know is easier said than done. I fell pregnant the first month I worried about it less, though the reality of it is that I think it took me 11 months to get fed up of having conceiving on the brain 24/7! The first month I took a 'screw it' approach and just got on with things - and to be fair, a significant source of stress in my life resolved itself at that point too - it happened.

Thankyou so much xx


I was told having sex every other day is more beneficial. If you have sex everyday your partners sperm becomes more thin whereas every other day it is more and fulfilled (sorry I didn't know how describe it... it has more time to build up kind of thing)

Thankyou xxxx

Acupuncture is great at improving fertility! Definitely worth a go in my opinion x

You can get ovulation tests or use an ovulation tracking app telling you when you are most fertile which is usually only 10 days or so in your whole cycle. think i used ovia. After and before this window around ovulation you have less chance of conceiving.

It can take time though. Good luck x

Folic acid supplements is also recommended

Hi lovely. I wouldn't worry too much. It took about 6 months for us to conceive and when I went to the GP he said that was very quick and I must be very fertile as most couples take over a year. It surprised me as I felt like it took forever as so many of my friends (annoyingly) conceived first time :) I would recommend every other day too and just think you've had 6 try's which doesn't seem so bad when you look at it like that. Good luck xxx

I just wish it would work as we both really want a baby!! Thankyou so much hunny xxx

It can take time so as other posters have suggest try to relax, ovulation kits/apps are also helpful to work out your most fertile periods. Good luck! it took me a little while to conceive as was on contraceptive injection and had to wait for periods to return x

Thankyou so much Hunny, I will try apps and ovulation kits xx

I never used the apps but found the ovulation tests quite useful (I think clear blue do a good one). We tried to be as relaxed as possible and take one day at a time as we were advised it could take up to 2 years for regular ovulation to return. I wish you all the best xx

Okay I'll have a look for the ovulation tests and thankyou babe xx

Me and my partner were trying for a few months with no luck. I was using an ovulation calender and trying on the peak days around day 14. I brought the clear view ovulation test the following month and found out I don't ovulate till day 21 that month I got pregnant. Good luck.

Thankyou so much for the tips x

It took me longer than that but it happened try to relax and enjoy it stress and worry wont help anything :) good luck xx

Try taking the Pregnacare supplement. It worked for me as we'd been trying for 9 months.

Hi , I just wanted to give you some hope! It took me and my partner 18 months to conceive our first baby. I was abit over weight, only by a few pounds but that can make a difference. I found I got pregnant whilst dieting I really believe that losing weight can trigger ovulation. My friend was trying for her 2nd baby for 2 years. She started the gym as advised by her doctor and lost 7lbs and fell pregnant almost straight away. Maybe your weight would be something to consider I don't know , is your BMI within range? Anyway, it took me and my partner only 1 month to conceive our second baby. I am now pregnant with my 5th baby, but 6th pregnancy ( 1 miscarriage) within 6 years. Yes I'm mad! Lol but have obviously gained fertility through having babies. If also like to add I've not exactly been skinny whilst I've conceived all of my babies but I really think losing weight helped me get pregnant first time! Good luck hun xx

To add- I used a clearly fertility monitor with my 2nd baby. Any ovulation tests work. Lined one's can be confusing . Maybe try digital ovulation tests or the monitor if you have the money. :)

Wow thankyou so much for the tips I will definitely try!! 5 babies! Wow that is not mad I would like to have many babies a huge family haha, but I'm glad it worked out for you!! I got told by my doctor that I'm at a good weight if it's not that then I'm not too sure what it is.

I will definitely keep trying thankyou so much babe xxxx

I'm sure it will happen for you soon.sometimes i just think first baby can take a while. Like i said 18 months of trying for my first i thought something was wrong with me or my partner but I think it's normal to take a while. Once you have your first usually it seems fertility improves. Thinking about it , with my last baby I think it took about 3 months. I was within bmi range but the month I started eating healthier and exercising more is when I fell. I'm not saying lose weight but it's worth sticking to a really healthy diet and exercising regularly if you don't already anyway xx

Calculate your average cycle. You are likely to ovulate mid-cycle and should be fertile for 4 days after. Remember sperm can be alive inside you for upto 5 days too!

E.g 30 day cycle. Mid cycle is day 15. Have sex day 10 - day 19! Good luck.

Also remember, your partner may have health/ spermine issues. It's not always the woman's cycle causing issues!

hey there! I have been trying for 11 months and if another person says to me relax and enjoy your time I will scream! it is the sense of not being in control that I hate. So last month I bought a Clear Blue Advanced Fertility Monitor. It is not cheap (I got mine from Ebay but I think they are usually about £80) and you need to buy the test sticks too (about £27 for 2 months) the good news is that it is also a pregnancy test so you dont need to buy more of those. Anyway you pee on the sticks for about 10 days after your period and it tells you the high and peak fertility days especially for you. you can then track when you had sex to when the peak days are etc for 6 months and then you have the evidence if you do want to go to the docs after a while. It has helped me as I am now in control etc. I have also stopped smoking, cut down on my drinking and started gentle exercise.

I had a positive test this morning!

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Oliversmum in reply to Pinkces28

Congrats! Nothing worst then wanting a baby and it not happening

Congratulations by the way wow I'm so happy for you Hun!

Thankyou so much for the tips I will definitely have to try them out, im probably having intercourse on my infertility days that is probably why it's not working😐

I hope I works soon thank you so much. Xx

Honestly the acupuncture is really good for fertility. I have used it myself, I also recommended to another lady on here who had been trying for over a year and when she did fall pregnant sadly miscarriagesd. She started trying again but was concerned it was going to take another year, after starting weekly acupuncture she was pregnant within a month!

hi all

I am also trying to conceive for my third child but is almost 15 month now , I am also taking clomid to date is my second mouth on clomid. I just feel like giving up.

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