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Possible to be pregnant for 11 weeks and not know?

Hey guys,

Im at 25 year old and i have no idea what to be feeling right now. I know i need to set up an appointment soon. But could i be 11 weeks pregant and just now realizing?

Ive had my period march and april (both light but didnt think anything of it) and may i missed. 2 weeks late now. And i took a test very faint positive. Whats weird is a couple days after my missed period i was gaggin. (Didnt throw up once) and stomach is all bloated and cramps and my boobs are wayyy bigger. It all happened at once. I dont get it lol. The gagging lasted 2 days. Boobs and stomach still weird though. Tired alot. Me and my ex broke up in march and i had a one night stand with a old friend 5 weeks ago. Im worried. Symptoms are weird cant really tell. I feel like my stomach is huge tho and my boobs to only be 5 weeks prego (bloat wise) i usually habe a flat stomach. Im not petite im 5'6 145lbs. Im hoping its my exes any ideas or tips?

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Book an appointment to be sure but there's definitely a possibility of being 11 weeks!

I'm 15 weeks now - found out i was pregnant at 9 weeks! I took a test because of the same sort of concerns, my boobs had grown and ached so badly, my tummy was bloating and i felt sick so often! I'd also had a period since i conceived so i was expecting to be 5 weeks pregnant but turned out to be nine! I'd had sickness that i presumed to just be a bug early on!

Get an appointment asap as that's the only way you can be sure!!

Good luck! x


I had no idea I was pregnant till I took a test and I was 16 weeks. I had no symptoms at all. My periods have always been irregular. The positive was also very faint but a positive is always a positive. Thought I could only be 12 weeks tops, went to see midwife and she said 14 weeks then the same day went for scan and they told me definitely 16 weeks. You need to make an appointment to see the midwife as soon as possible.


I didn't find out I was pregnant until I was nearly 12 weeks as I had absolutely no symptoms at all and my period was always hit and miss (carried on going out drinking and all sorts!) but you need to book an appointment with your local GP surgery to see a midwife and check with her. The midwife can also do a date checker with you too to estimate when you fell pregnant so you can figure out if it was with your ex or your friend.

Good luck, hope it all goes ok x


The only way to know your approx. date is via a scan. However don't get confused as the scan date will calculate from your last period not conception, aka once you have a scan subtract 2 weeks to get an idea of when you conceived (aka who's the father)


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