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OH GOD I am turning into one of them people - who call their baby girls' princesses - and I am embracing every minute of it!

Yesterday I had my 20 weeks scan (am currently 19+6), and the first thing the sonographer did was ask how I was! So I opened up and said I was worried because I hadn't feel the baby move, and it had been so long since the 12 week scan etc etc etc, like verbal diarhhoea, all my worries for the last 4 weeks came out. She neither laughed or looked at me like I was neurotic, she calmed me by saying let's find out. ...

Up on the bed I jumped, cold gel on, and all of a sudden there was my baby on the monitor, wriggling away like a worm. The heartbeat was strong and loud, and I was definitely (once again) reassured that there really is a baby growing inside of me. I have an anterior placenta, which means my baby has a punching bag that isn't directly me just yet - which relieved me to know that it is moving around (quite possibly replicating my dancing) and is absolutely fine and dandy.

After a long scan, and a few star jumps (camera shy baby) I was told all was OK, and that whilst they cannot be 100% sure, my little baby was going to be a girl! I didn't cry but I did get emotional when outside of the scan room, my partner gave me a massive kiss and cuddle and he was beaming!!

So now just a few more weeks for them kicks to start, and before I know it, I will be the 12 week count down to EDC.

With baking as a side line in my spare time, I have already passed months May and June in a blur, and soon will be August and time to say hello to my princess....

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Awww congratulations! I am forever worrying about something and this is my second pregnancy! We also just found out we were having a girl recently! I never thought I would be a girly person but I am already looking at pretty flowery things!

I am glad that the scan has put your mind at ease. We had a private scan to see our baby in 4d which we did with our son (so thought it was only fair!) And I was told I have an anterior placenta too! This baby feels like a gymnast so I hate to think how many jabs I would get if my placenta was somewhere else!!

If it makes you feel any better then I didn't think I would be a molly coddling mum but I am always cuddling and kissing my son! He said a cuddly boy!

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I am with you KellyTrip I always said I wouldnt be an everything pink kind of mother, and yet bought a travel system in pink and grey yesterday lol. Ooops!

congratulations to you too!

I like the idea of 4D scans but my OH says they freak him out, so I dont think we will get one unless I can persuade him otherwise :)



Ha ha. Thankfully ours is getting her brother's boring neutral hand me downs so can't be tempted!

Yeah they are freaky! We had one at 30 weeks with our son and when we look at them now, he looks like he didn't when we was born. I know that sounds silly but I thought he would look underdeveloped at that point x

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