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Pregnancy and anti-depressants

Hi there! Newbie here :-) Hoping for some advice.

My husband has been taking a low dose of Fluoxetine for about 8months for anxiety. Change of job and less stress, he is much better in himself. A different person. We have decided to try for a baby as we now feel the time is right. We haven't discussed this with the doctor however as it's only just come to my mind about him still taking medication. I looked into it a little and read that fluoxetine can affect sperm quality. Does anyone have any advice or experiences they can share? Thanks in advance ☺

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from what I can read there is little evidence about this as yet, but some think there might be a decrease in fertility in males when taking such medication.I think it depends if you're husband is planning to continue this long term or if he's keen on stopping it. It might not have affected him anyways. The thing with medication. Side effects is they don't affect everyone, so he might be ok. Maybe worth trying and see if it happens, but if it's taking very long and your husband is happy to stop this to conceive that would an option. On one paper it said it took 3 months for normal fertility to return after stopping meds.


Thanks for taking the time to reply ☺ I hadn't thought about the fact that side effects don't affect all. He's keen to stop taking soon, as I said he's much better but I obviously wouldn't want this to come in the way of him being 100% better. We'll just see what happens I guess! Maybe speak to the doctor in 6 months or so if nothing's happening xxx


Hi. I am 35 weeks pregnant, and have been taking Fluoxetine for last 4 years. I was told by few doctors it's safe. My husband used to take it for few months and we managed to get pregnant. I wouldn't worry.


Ahh thanks so much for this reassurance ☺ And congratulations!! Not long now ☺ xx

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It's hard to say, but I have also looked into this and there seems to be some sort of link although not acknowledged as all studies done were small and further studies needed. Gp would say not as many women take antidepressants in pregnancy, but that's not what your really asking.You might want to talk to your talk to your husband about stopping his meds. This should be done slowly and gradually - probably worth speaking to the dr or nurse about. Once he has stopped taking them, it takes something like 70 - 90 days for sperm to develop fully.

My gp also advised that lady's should be taking folic acid 3 months before trying to conceive.

Seems like nothing is simple anymore. Do what your comfortable with x


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