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hi all, I am 10 weeks and 2 days today and feeling very anxious. My first midwife appointment is next Tuesday then will have to wait for my 12 weeks scan, had an emergency scan on 2nd March due to a previous missed miscarriage that ended in a medically managed miscarriage after my 12 week scan showed no heart beat and the baby had died at 9 weeks 6 days. My symptoms have calmed down, I never had any nausea anyway (I didn't with my son who is now 11) but my boobs, up until the last couple of days, have been so sensitive and painful and now they are more or less ok. I am bloated and exhausted but then I was before! So am just looking for some reassurance really, is anyone else in the same boat? I have had no pain or bleeding so am just praying and hoping it is all ok

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  • No pain or bleeding is a good sign! I know how hard it is to try and remain positive (I am 6 weeks pregnant after a miscarriage at 12 weeks so know what you are going through) Some days my boobs are more sensitive than others, and I have a little panic too but it is not long until your midwife appointment, talk to her and see what she says. Maybe to ease your worries, another scan would be an idea? Just to check everything is ticking away before your 12 week scan as sometimes that scan is more near 13 or 14 weeks so little longer. Take it easy and try relax as best you can, easier said than done. Hope all goes well for you, I'm here if you need me xxx

  • Hi there,

    I also had a miscarriage previously and with my second pregnancy I was very paranoid and scared up until I gave birth to my baby. Apart from the positive test, I had virtually no symptoms whatsoever, no sore boobs, no morning sickness for the first about 10 weeks. Than sometime after that, from one day to another I developed this crazy aversion to all kinds of smells, perfumes, bacon, fresh croissants. I could smell everything and everyone 😳 And that made me the happiest most miserable person of all.

    On the other hand, if you start loosing symptoms though, you should tell either your gp or midwife, and they might send you for a new scan to reassure you if all is ok.

  • Hi, it's totally normal to panic if you have already had miscarriages. I have had many and I still in the back of my head think things are going to go wrong and I am 35 weeks now. If my baby doesn't move for a few hours I have to wake her to get her to move just to make sure she is ok. She is going to give me some payback soon! Haha. Try and keep yourself busy and look at it like even if things have gone wrong there really is nothing you can do. I am sure it hasn't though. I was so sick with all my others but had hardly any sickness with this pregnancy which made me feel paranoid! But then there is a good side to that. Some days I didn't feel pregnant early on either x

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