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Clary sage oil

Hi everyone I am 40 + 3 days pregnant, I had a stretch and sweep yesterday and my midwife said that I was 2cm dilated and head was 1/5 engaged. I was thinking of using some clary sage oil as people say it's to to relax in the bath with but other people have said it can bring on contractions. How long does it roughly take to go into full labour when your already dilating? It's my 1st baby so I'm unsure on everything.

Thank you :)

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Hi, I am afraid there's no set time as each woman is different. I wouldn't use anything though to bring on the labour as I think they are old wives tales and don't work it will happen soon just not sure when. It could be dangerous using oils if you are already dilated. Good luck. Hope it happens soon for you and all goes well x


Hi there!

I now have a two week old and went into labour 40+3. I tried all the tricks from 39 weeks including clary sage and nothing did the trick to start contractions. I do believe it's old wives tales but having a nice relaxing massage with the oils is a good way to get the happy hormones going!

My waters broke without labour starting at 40+2 and I was given 24 hours to get contractions going or I'd be induced. The only thing that actually helped me was lots of walking which definitely started my contractions and kept them at a steady pace.

The first stages of labour are really different for all women. I didn't really have it, my sister was in the first stages for days! Here is a helpful link with a bit of info

Good luck! You'll be meeting your baby so soon!

Becca x


Took me 52 hours to get to 10 cms dilated had two sweeps, and pushed for three hours after no progress I had forceps delivery 7 weeks ago your body will speed things yo when it wants to nothing will make you go into labour unless your ready but I did eat a lot of pineapple when going into labour


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