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Got a newborn of 4 days, really wanted to breastfeed but hemoraged and the blood transfusion and low iron stopped my breast milk coming through she lost too much weight and I put her on bottles of aptamil at hospital stay after 2 days of not eating much, but were so confused about feeding she has her bottles sterilised and left on the side with hot water in and we add the power when we need to feed her as she is impatient but I dont want to.make her I'll is this feeding technique okay?

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  • As long as you don't add the milk powder until it's drank then yes it's fine as you can use cool boiled water. Have you seen those perfect prep machines? Apparently they warm the bottle to the exact temp needed within mins x

  • Yeah was thinking about getting one I've tried baby on warm bottles she seems to get really gassy and throws up she seems to prefer cold

  • The prep machine will make it slightly warm.

    The water has to be over 70 degrees to kill the bacteria in the powder when you put it in. You could just put in enough hot water to cover and dissolve the powder then the rest cooled boiled water.

  • I think the filters in them boil the water first. Not completely sure. My sister in law swears by them and my nephew is now over 1 and had no problems with using one. Personally never used one as I breastfed all mine but have been given a second hand one. As only breastfed for a few months with my 2 boys as it didn't go great but it went fine with my daughter.

  • I had a perfect prep machine honestly best thing i ever bought used to just put it in my room at night and bring some sterillised bottles made it ao much easier and quicker for baby.

  • Had a bad night with her she's been sick and really windy on warm bottles so think I'm just going to stick to room temp

  • Maybe try a different formula too if you haven't already. I know they are all essentially the same but it may be causing the sickness. Having said that, my daughter, although exclusively breastfed because it worked and she hated formula, I swear would throw up more than I fed her and usually all over me. If this happened less than 6 times a week until about 5 months old, I was winning. Some kids just throw up but are fine. Have you looked into baby massage as this can help windy tummies? Also having their beds etc on an angle as it can help relieve pressure on tummies post feeds. Reflux babies are often on inclines and we had our daughter on an incline, still is actually as she's in a toddler bed. It also really helps when they get colds.

  • it only happens when she drinks warm milk, shes been fine on room temp till today but hasnt passed a stool since this morning, going to give it till tomorrow see if anything changes if not try cow and gate

  • Hi,

    I know this post is a few weeks old but if you want to breastfeed you can still start now you know? It's not too late. If you'd like some information or support inbox me xx

  • shes 4 weeks old now my breastmilk didnt come through properly becasuse i hemoraged and had low iron for a few weeks i had been very misinformed about breastfeeding at jessops and just about getting her into a routine so i think ill stick to formulae

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