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First pregnancy


My name is Iris, I'm prgnant and it's my first baby coming, abroad my home, in London. I have like 7/8 weeks I'm not sure and I would like to know how can I get a scan or bloody test to see that my baby is all fine. Can someone resolve my doubts. I discovered it like 2 weeks ago and my doctor was not really cozy, when He asked me. Please help me.

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I went to GP and said that I am pregnant and she gave me a midwifes phone number, I called her and made an appointment - she took my urine and blood test and later I received a letter to go to have a 12 week scan.

Good luck!x


Is possible to ask to my gp a ultrasound scan, now? They gonna do it or I need to do a part with private clinics?


If there's no problem with this pregnancy they probably will not send / refer you to ultrasound yet, will tell you to wait for your 12 week scan.

If you want to - you can go private.

However, if you're not bleeding, never had Ectopic: outside uterus pregnancy then maybe best is to wait till week 12.


Incase of any urgency such as bleeding or pain. you may go to A&E in hospital. They will provide you quick scan within a couple of days.

I hope and wish you all to have a normal, healhy and happy pregnancy ☘️


Thanks a Lot.


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