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Help with night-time bed wetting

Hello there, am after some advice and suggestions about how to tackle my 3 and half year old bed wetting. He has been out of nappies at night since July last year and he would have an accident every now and again, once every 3 weeks. According to the NHS he would be classed as infrequent bed wetter. However, in the last 3 weeks he has been wetting the bed every single night. He is a very deep sleeper and doesn't wake up when he wets himself, so clearly doesn't bother him. We woke him up before we went to sleep for about a week and it seems to make a difference, but that is a short term solution and according to what I've read doesn't really help them learn to wake up when they need the toilet. I'm currently pregnant and my guess is that it might be related to the new baby coming, even though he seems very excited about being a big brother. I don't want to go down the bed wetting alarm route just yet and was wondering if there are any good waterproof pants with inserts to minimise washing sheets everyday, and any useful tips to get on top of the problem. He is refusing to go back to dry nights nappies and and I don't want to force him in case has more of a negative impact. Thank you for all your help :-)

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It's probably just a phase, maybe cut out fluids an hour before bed and make sure they go to toilet before bed! My son used to say he didn't need to so we turned it into a game called "tactical weeing"


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