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Come off cerelle pill and trying to get pregnant

Ive been off cerelle pill since 3rd of october after 3 months and still had no signs of a period ive took a test today but it was negative , so its been nearly 4 week with no period but get bad headakes and stomake cramps like im going to have my period but nothing and i keep haveing cravings as well can some one give me some advise plz

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When you come off any pill your period will be unpredictable as well your fertility. All the symptoms you're having can be due to coming off the pill. Be patient. Wait till your period comes ... if it doesn't come you can check your pregnancy test but don't bother with more than once a month,


Thank u for replying i took a test this morning but negative and i will take your advise thank u


Hi, I came off the pill in Jan 15, had no period at all but got a BFP in April and now have a gorgeous 10 month old girl. So don't worry yet, keep ttc and good luck x


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