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Hi all,

I am just really confused and was wondering if anybody can give me some advice. Twi weeks back I did a preg test n I had two faint positives with clear blue kit. My due date for my period was on the 28th n it normally lasts upto 8days. I was gutted wen I had my period on the 21st and only lasted two days which has never happened before. Still having pregnancy symptoms did a pregnancy test and it came back negative . Now I'm having lower abdominal pain with vomiting and watery discharge . Dunno wat it is

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  • Hi Sami, sorry but it sounds like you may have had a chemical miscarriage which is a very early miscarriage. I would suggest that you look it up and contact your GP for help. Not sure that vomiting would be a symptom though.

  • I really appreciate your reply many thanks . I have an extensive gynaecology history of ovarian cysts , and currently have a small fibroid. Called my GP and they didn't give me time to explain about the preg tests and I only have a doctors appointment on Wednesday afternoon . I really hope the pain subsides I'm finding it hard to even walk and the A&E Doctor couldn't do nothing much last night .

  • ok so this could be one of two things, firstly it could be a chemical pregnancy which is a very early miscarriage, most women are not even aware they have had one, second with the pain your describing and the continued symptoms it could be a ectopic pregnancy, if it is the later you do need to go and get seen ASAP, although the fact you have recently had a negative leads me to believe it was a chemical, im so sorry

  • Negative test doesn't rule out an ectopic pregnancy but it's unlikely. Vomiting could be a symptom of one though so hspread could be right. Please be careful and go back to A & E if it worsens x

  • Thx guys for the support. I went to see a dr on private consultation . I have an infection in my urine so got antibiotics plus she took bloods for HCG levels and even with a negative test she said it could likely be an ectopic hope it isn't fingers cross x

  • Just for some clarification. You said you were due on the 28th but on 21st you got your period/bleed ... which months are you talking about, was the bleed 3 weeks late or 1 week early?

  • Oh sorry I was due on 28th September then started on 21st with ligh bleed so in theory one week early

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