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Day 54 of my cycle and still negative results

Hi all, 

I had my last period on 29th Feb, I usually have a 35 day cycle. Me and my husband starting trying to conceive on 18th March and I'm still waiting for my period. I've taken various tests and they all come up negative - the last 3 or 4 days I've felt really bloated and gassy and literally cannot stop eating!  Just obsessed with anything sweet! ... We've only just started trying so I know I can't get my hopes up too much but I'm getting so down and frustrated with the not knowing! My question is when do I 100% take a negative test result as a true negative ... Haven't taken one since last Saturday as I just don't want to be disappointed again. Has anyone had a similar experience? 

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Maybe you should see your GP and get a blood test to confirm. If you are pregnant, then you're about 8 weeks along so it should probably have been picked up on a hpt by now. Maybe there is some other reason you have missed a period - best would be to talk to your GP about it and get the blood test.


A friend mine didn't get her period for ages due to lack of vitamin D apparently.  When she started taking it,  the period showed up after a while. That could be the reason for missing your period too. 


Ooh interesting! I'm still waiting and still testing negative so I think maybe I just missed a month for some reason or another - will look into vitamin d though thanks! 


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