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Gorgeous girl & advice on baby cups

Gorgeous girl & advice on baby cups

Hi yummy mummies and yummy mummies to be!

Hope you are all well. ☺

Niamh, my gorgeous girl is 10 & 1/2 months already (how? Where did that go!?!) And I am now looking at the next stage cup to use. 

She is eating well, and drinking by herself from the tommee tippee first sips free flow cup absolutely great. 

She has her two bottom teeth so rang the dentist about making sure I look after them properly and he mentioned about her not having her bottle once she was one. 

Obviously I want to try and do what's right, so what cup do I use? She will still very easily take 9oz or more before bed so the little cups we have are no good for that. Obviously I am not worried about having her completely off bottles at one, but if at all possible she just had her bedtime bottle and the rest were from a cup, that is what I'm aiming for for now. ☺

Any advice at all would be very gratefully recieved! 

Lots of love. Charlotte & Niamh 


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We had our daughter off bottles by one! Started gradually at 10 1/2  months. 

We used the Miracle 360 Cup. For some reason it was only really available at Asda when we first started purchasing (must be an American thing) but I've since seen it everywhere from Boots to John Lewis! It's marketed as completely safe for their teeth and doesn't cause problems that bottles/sippy cups do. - ear infections etc.

It's a little hard to get used to but give it a go yourself! They come in two sizes - small, which is 5oz I think but we only ever used that for water - the small one comes with handles. The larger one is 10oz and doesn't have handles. 

Good luck!!


Thank you! I've got a small 360 one which she will occasionally use if she feels like it. Haha. She's such a diva! 🙉 I'll keep trying it. X


We did this quite easily and I'm so glad we did. She's at the point now (at 16 months) that she gets annoyed when I try and help her! 

We started off with a brand called Babycup. They're small and perfect for little hands, and that's what's given her the confidence to drink from bigger cups now. Start small and work your way up :)

She'll get the hang of it in no time! 



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