Second pregnancy happiness

Hi all, well I've written a few posts since I found out I'm pregnant with our second baby and I'm now almost 19 weeks. Up until now I've been quite anxious about the arrival of the baby and impact on my 2yr old and how our family dynamics will change. However, we told our son about the baby growing in mummy's tummy last weekend and his reaction was so heart warming 😍. He asked lots of questions and wants to help care for the baby, he asked if I could get the baby out now!

I feel so relieved that for now at least he seems happy about his new brother or sister. All has been well with scans, test results so far and I'm feeling really well. My 20 week scan (going to leave the gender a surprise) is just over a week and I think I'm finally feeling happy and relaxed about about our newest addition and have been feeling movements here and there. Hope all of you pregnant mummies and new parents are well!!!

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  • wishing you well and your 2 year old sounds sweet. You will have another pair of hands to help. Enjoy this period because when the baby comes, also comes a few changes, happiness definitely plus lots of challenges along the way. 😊

  • Congratulations hun.  I'm so happy for you. Nearly half way there! He's going to be a brilliant big brother. ❤ xx

  • Aw thanks! I can't believe I'm nearly half way 😱!!

  • As if you're 19 weeks already! Where has that time gone? It's great your little boy seems happy, that must really put your mind at rest! Hope your scan goes well! Xx

  • I's just flown by! It's such a relief that he's happy with the idea of a brother or sister, that's as much as I can ask for at the moment. Looking forward to my scan xx

  • That's so adorable! Congratulations on your half-way mark being just around the corner. So glad to hear you're feeling well and that your son can now share in the excitement. Wishing you all the best for your pregnancy. It'll be so wonderful to have a surprise at the end :) xxx

  • Thanks bd123! I'm finally starting to enjoy the moment and it's such a relief that for now we're all excited about a new baby xx

  • Congrats on your growing family and best wishes

  • glad to hear it's all going well! I understand your anxieties but nice to know that's over now and you can look forward to your second baby!

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