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Whingy post!


Hey ladies, hope you are ok. Just want a whinge and a moan if that's ok! I'm 35 weeks and going barmy!

Trying to keep myself busy but it's really hard when I have to sit down every 15 minutes because I'm out of energy or because baby is in an uncomfortable position or my knee gives way or my back aches!

Then there's the mood swings and the heartburn and the cramps...and here was me thinking the third trimester wasn't so bad after all!😂. Roll on baby's arrival!!

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It can all seem a bit much in the last part. With the ever growing bump, tiredness etc. I felt the same but in the last few weeks seemed to get a positive burst I think because you know it's nearly time. It will all be worth it hun when you have your precious little one in your arms. Just rest as much as you can and try to enjoy your last few weeks. Take care x

Stop the whinging and just enjoy it!

Google Maggie Howell Effective Birth Preparation. She has a book and cd. I got both but listening to the cd when I was really fed up helped me through the last weeks (and the 15 days overdue!). Good luck. I feel for you!

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