Struggling with excess weight gain!!

Hi guys I'm 20 weeks on Monday and decided to weigh myself today. Although I knew I'd probably gained just over a stone I was shocked to see I've actually gained 20-24lbs already!! (Not 100% sure of exact weight at start as i had ivf and had gained a few pounds with comfort eating during the ivf process ).

On the nhs site it says at 20 weeks the guideline for weight gain is under 10lbs so I've doubled that. I'm just feeling disappointed in myself abd had a good cry as I know I've been lenient as to having the odd treat and perhaps with Christmas they've been daily treats, plus I seem to just want loads of carbs.

I think I'll talk to my midwife and make sure I'm not in danger of creating a risk to my baby and perhaps ask if I should try and just have a high protein,low carb eating plan? Obviously I don't want to restrict my baby of any nutrients that he/she needs but I also don't want to gain too much fat that could cause complications xx

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Aw bless you!! I'd certainly recommend chatting through your concerns with your midwife. I know I started my first pregnancy with a normal weight and good BMI but ended up putting on nearly 3 stone!!! I was mortified!

However, midwife was not concerned at all and I was still low risk.

It's important to remember that a huge amount of your weight gain will be water which you will naturally lose in the weeks after baby arrives (look forward to having the sweats 😆)!!

Speak to your midwife and try not to worry yourself - if they were concerned about you they'd def have told you by now 😊 xxx

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In our area (Tyne & Wear) we have a Maternity Lifestyle Co-ordinator who will support you during and after pregnancy with weight management amongst many other things. I wish I'd known about her whilst I was pregnant because they have classes you can join and meet people who are at the same stage as you so you don't feel as if you are the only one going through what you're going through.

Your GP surgery will be able to refer you if your next midwife appointment is weeks away.


I'm 22 weeks and put on 9kg. No one has said anything about the weight gain. In fact the midwife only weighed me once at the 8 week booking appointment. The last appointment she was so busy she didn't do much just tested my urine and tried to find the babys heart beat. She was a different midwife from the booking one and didn't even introduce herself....anyway I wouldn't worry. I'm certainly not worrying.

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