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Don't know what to think

Hi I found out last week I was pregnant but tonight I started getting like period pains not strong just a little dull ache and when I go the toilet there's a really light spot of blood but only when I wipe it will be my 4th baby but never had this on. Y other ones I lost a baby last year and it wasn't like this

I really don't know what to think if I'm loosing it or not can anybody give me advice please

Thank you x

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I'm 10 weeks pregnant and two weeks ago I had the same thing. It coincided with when my 2nd period would have been due. I happened to see the midwife on the 2nd day of this happening. She said that because it was dark in colour, light spotting and only when I wiped she wasn't too worried, however if the blood got redder or continued to phone the early pregnancy number.

It did continue over the weekend but stopped on the Monday morning (day 4) and I've been fine since.

This is my first baby though and haven't miscarried, so maybe you should contact your midwife if you're unsure.

I hope this helps though.


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