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Hi all I know it's impossible but it's just how I feel. So I am 29+4 with twins I am has big as a house on so much medication and struggling to even get in and out of bed. I am really just venting cause what else can I do. My husband an I have not had sex for 7 weeks now cause when I am finished my belly button feels like it's going to explode. This then makes me paranoid that he's getting it else where cause he doesn't even touch me sexually. My 17 year old son has starred college and don't really get much help from him as before so it's up to me to deal with the 3 smaller ones mind you my 9&5 year old are a big help, it's my 2 year old that's the problem always wants to jump in my belly I am worried how he's going to cope when the twins come along.as I say felling a bit low and don't know what to do.


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  • Hi I know exactly how you feel, my husband has decided that staying out all night is the way to deal with a tired heavily pregnant wife. And he is no use around the house and hasn't shown any interest in me in months. Everyone keeps telling me that he'll change when the baby comes but to me he seems to have created a whole new life for himself that doesnt include us. and to be honest I resent him so much now that I dont know that I can feel for him in the same way. Useless arent they? We should start a fed up club!

  • A fed up club is a good idea. Lol

  • The thing that makes me so mad is I am struggling to walk at nights I cry in so much pain and he's not there when I ring his phone he doesn't answer I feel like I am alone in this pregnancy but what can I do I just need to survive 7-10 more weeks to see my beautiful children.

  • Hey guys..I know it's hard but try to hang in there....men are useless I agree but being pregnant is a very personal experience as men can't feel all our emotions, aches n pains and the overall exhaustion that we feel, especially when we have other kids to deal with and housework and dinner seems to never end. My partner said he didn't feel right having sex when I was heavily pregnant, thought it would harm the baby! Lol I wish men could be more sympathetic and understanding but most aren't !😕 try not to resent him or all those women who seem to have wonderful caring helpful partners 😭 and just focus on you and the task at hand....things will work out eventually x

  • Thanks maccmum4

  • See today he is being nice and I think it will all be ok , but then he's working away all next week and so tries to make things up before he goes - still wont do anything cos apparently its his day off!

  • Henny74 that sounds like my husband he's always tired but as soon as the phone ring he's gone . He came home from work today change his cloths and off again. I am wondering why I should hang in there. Today is Sunday and the only thing I look forward to is us eating dinner together. I am fed up only God knows.

  • Do you think they just think we dont want that intimacy -- or they too scared to deal with the changes? whens your baby due? im due 28th Nov but Im not sure I'll last that long!!

  • Henry74 I am not sure what they think. They are just in a world of theIreland own, which is not fear. They get to carry on life as if nothing changes.

  • I am due the 22nd of December but with twins they always cum early so looking at maybe late November.

  • Ah really sorry u feeling low. I am sure u and your husband can find other ways for u to be happy in bed if full sex is too strenuous for u ( wudnt suggested u went without coz know I cudnt have when I was pregnant!) As far as your toddler goes - maybe a book about having a little Bro/ sis( or both?) and go shopping - let him help to choose 2 of this and that and make the babies more real to him - make up the cots and explain they will be full soon! Encourage him to chat to your bump too!! Gud luck x

  • Hi Ronnie 12, it's not even about the sex it's just the fact that he's not there if you get what I mean. I an having twins moving is sometimes hard I just feel like I am left to just get on with it but thanks for your encouragement.

  • Men just assume we all superwoman I think. I had baby 11 last year ( new husbands first child) it made it easier for him if I made him jobs lists every wk! My older kids took the mick but it got stuff done and made him feel useful! U cud try leaving him ' to do ' lists - men don't see mess / washing / dishes etc unless they pointed out!!( make sure u write stuff for u on it - run bath - help out of the bath etc, I hope u will have family help after the babies are born? I have no twins but had a c- section last time and it is hard. Let me know if I can do anything to help! Regards. Rhonda

  • Thanks for your encouragement it means a lot.

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