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Pregnant and scared

I've just found out I'm pregnant again the last time i was expecting it ended in miscarriage which was just under a month ago and the time before that it was an ectopic pregnancy which is why I'm worried about this pregnancy. I have a young son so resting and taking it easy is hard and if we did have this second baby a lot would need to change as I was only recently about to go back into work. But I'm now thinking do I need to tell employers before they take me on I'm that expecting or should I wait til I get to 12 weeks? Also I'm still quite young for a mum and am worried people including our friends and family will scrutinise us having a second baby so soon ( our son hasnt turned 1 yet) and was just wondering if anyone else has ever been in similar circumstances and if so what did you do? Advice please! :(x

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My dear if you have a caring partner that is all that matters. I was on maternity leave when I got pregnant with my daughter my son was only 8 months at the time. It was daunting going back to work and worrying about every body else's thought but my department was moved out of London. I stayed home for 2 years due to medical situation with me and both my children were born premature 8-10 weeks early weight 1lb it took my husband and I a lot to work at but we are stronger than ever. If you have any concerns discuss with your partner. Everybody will say what they want but remember children are a blessing and you can take care of them go for it😀😀😀. Hope this help. I hard a miscarriage before and my son recently passed away so be mindful that it's you and your partner that will go through things together and also be mindful of who your real family or friends are.

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Jadey96, I feel for you - mc first pregnancy last Jan myself & now have happy, healthy 15 week old. Agree with Sadiybaby - let people think wat they want, only you & family matter & take support from the kind people. Work will have to understand & sort cover in the end as can't sack you for getting pregnant. I'm 12.5 months older than sister & sure it wasn't easy, but parents coped in end.

Sadiybaby - I was sad to read your story & sorry for your loss. Must been terrible time & hope you are getting support & treatment too, employers mean nothing in this situ, there will be other jobs (when you're ready); best wishes to you & your family.

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